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Meditation - Compassion
The great teachers through the ages have emphasized the importance of compassion on the spiritual path. It is not just a sweet sentiment, but a deep awareness that takes us beyond our small self and connects us with infinite love. Compassion is born in our being when we rest in the knowing of our inherent oneness with all that is. It flowers as our ego dies and we are born into the reality of our eternal Self. It is a divine nectar that flows effortlessly when we are willing toRead More
Yoga’s gift to us is the way we can embody, here and now, an experience of bliss and unity. It reminds us that our way to joy happens within the body, a magnificent and multidimensional vehicle that connects us with all things. In our busy days and agitated world, it can be easy to lose our sense of ground. Agitation can tend to draw us up and out of our bodies, out of the present moment. So this month’s YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine practice offers a simple way toRead More
Fit Bottomed Girls
Fit Bottomed Girls is fitness with a difference—that begins with the tagline “You can’t hate yourself healthy.” Co-founder Jennipher Walters is an ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach, who writes and edits content for the Fit Bottomed Girls site. She has been joined by Kristen Seymour who became co-owner of the brand and Editor-in-Chief of Fit Bottomed Eats. Now, the two have expanded the body-positive brand with Fit Bottomed Mamas, Fit Bottomed Eats, Fit Bottomed Zen, a book, a podcast, and more potential live events in the future. Parvati Magazine:Read More
Dr. Chelsea Jackson is actively working to make Western yoga more inclusive and reach marginalized communities. Parvati Magazine’s Yoga Editor, Ella Isakov, speaks to Chelsea about yoga as a tool for social change. Chelsea Jackson: My ideas become reality because I am rooted in a knowing that I am a continuation of work that started way before I arrived.Read More
Parvati Magazine interviewed Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD, about her book “Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life”, co-authored with the late Louise Hay. Parvati Magazine interviewed Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD, about her book “Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life”, co-authored with the late Louise Hay. Parvati Magazine: Please tell us about your book. Mona Lisa Schulz: The book is about the five basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness, love and joy; and about cognitive areas: attention, memory and learning as well as intuition. It is about all thatRead More
Meditation-Parvati-Listen to the sounds
I have been hibernating this past winter in my music studio, but have been far from asleep. Instead, I have been sparking with immense creativity to compose five upcoming albums in support of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Feeling as though I was holding a thread of an inspired download, I felt honoured to listen to the unseen as sounds were making themselves audible for me to render into form. I felt immersed in a creative sea. At the same time, I strongly felt the presence of the greatRead More
In a climate of changing gender roles and social mores, young people face new challenges as they grow up. Dr. Warren Farrell, heralded by the Financial Times as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders, says there’s a crisis today for boys all over the world who are not getting the guidance or support they need. Parvati Magazine: What is the Boy Crisis? Dr. Warren Farrell: The boy crisis is a global crisis—in education, in mental health (depression, drugs, suicide, shootings); physical health (sperm counts, IQs, obesity, diabetes); inRead More
Make Fitness Playful with Ryan Hurst
Training doesn’t always have to be structured and goal-oriented to yield results. We tend to get caught up in “getting the skill” or “getting a good workout,” and while those goals have their place, if we never take the time to explore movement without any specific goals in mind, we lose out on a sense of play and freedom. In this post, we’ll look at what play is, why we think it’s important for everyone to engage in, and we’ll give you three movements to try out. What is “Play”Read More
Ellie Krieger is an American nutritionist who has worked alongside Michelle Obama on her “Let’s Move” campaign and hosts the television cooking series “Ellie’s Real Good Food”. Parvati Magazine talked with Ellie about transitioning to a wholesome, nutrition-packed diet. Parvati Magazine: What does “real, good food” mean to you and what inspired this as your brand? Ellie Krieger: I always love a play on words, and food that is both real and good has multiple meanings that speak to my core food philosophy. Said together “real good” describes food thatRead More
organic beauty products from Ecco-Bella
Ecco Bella is a pioneer of natural and organic beauty products. Founded by Sally Malanga over 23 years ago, Ecco Bella is based in New Jersey and features a comprehensive line of body, hair and face care products, makeup, and perfume. We interviewed Darlene Zembrod, the New Product Development Coordinator at Ecco Bella, about their approach. Parvati Magazine: We appreciate your philosophy, “Every decision we make about what to use on our bodies or to eat affects not only us, but the planet.” Tell us more about the inspiration behindRead More