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Children these days have bustling lives. Parents are busy, and there are school pressures and competitive activities that over time have a large influence on a child’s inner joy, self-expression, and imagination. In a kids’ yoga class, children learn useful tools in a fun and explorative environment. Kids’ yoga is all about letting go and having fun. The teacher lets go of form or alignment of postures. Even though a lesson plan is prepared, it is all about co-creation and going with each moment led by little imaginative minds. ChildrenRead More
Why is it that so many people who are on a spiritual quest seem to be so somber and earnest?  We know some scientists postulate that laughter can actually be part of the healing process, so why does spiritual activity seem so serious?  I recently taught a class where someone whom I had not seen for a number of years said to me, “I had forgotten how funny you are!”  Where is the place for humour and fun on the journey to enlightenment? Because laughter loosens, it helps to liftRead More
No matter why they come to art therapy, many of my clients have little capacity for fun. Most of their energy is focussed on functioning in their world and meeting the expectations of the others in their lives -whether they be family, work, or friends. Their lives have become energetically tight and closed. They are distracted away from joy. Life is happening to them. They feel unbalanced, and powerless to create the change they long for. Once a trust develops between an art therapist and client, then the capacity toRead More
Whether you’re looking for a hot summer vacation spot or a peaceful retreat, the sea holds an irresistible allure. What is it about the ocean that makes it so nourishing and healing to body and soul? In virtually every traditional culture in the world, the sea is magical, imbued with the echoes of mysticism and mythology. There are few places on Earth more healing to the mind and soul than the sea. The ocean is also rich in elements that nourish the human body—ingredients that explain, in part, its healingRead More
Summer is finally here! Fewer and smaller pieces of clothing are in order. This provides motivational qualities to stay on top of working out, so we feel and look our very best. The heat however can also throw a wrench in that theory if you prefer to avoid overly air-conditioned gyms. Whether you are in the city, or have the pleasure of being at a cottage up north, there are many fun and exciting ways to burn calories and remain active in the scorching heat. Before hitting your local patioRead More
Many of the activities I mentioned in Part 1 can also be done at the cottage, of course. However, most cottages have the benefit of being equipped with large bodies of water, floating docks, kayaks, rowboats, tubes and canoes which make it seem as though you are not working out at all, you are just enjoying the great outdoors while playing. That’s the very best physical activity you can get if you ask me. You can take out the canoe or kayak for a tour down the river or acrossRead More
Cottage Beauty Tips: Summer Getaway Grooming Let’s face it: having a cottage to go to in the summertime is more valuable than Apple stock. Getting away from the smog and bustle of the city is much needed to help you relax your mind, get back to nature, and let your pores decongest from pollution. So, here are my top six picks for cottage beauty care – with things that will definitely be making their way into my rucksack.  1. Biodegradable Beauty Make sure that you bring natural, biodegradable skin, hair, andRead More
I’m not one for fad supplements. I don’t believe that there are any miracles cures beyond listening to your body and caring for it against the subtle imbalances we feel. But I can’t say enough about the amazing properties of Turmeric (aka Curcumin). This yellow spice, best known for its presence in curry, is a bit of a super herb. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-carcinogen. Renowned Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vasant Lad, once said during a lecture that Turmeric is one of the best things to takeRead More
For years, I was religious about my yoga asana practice. I woke up and first thing, practiced every day without fail. I had to. Somehow I felt wonky if I did not. My day would unfold more smoothly when I did, and I loved that feeling. Yoga and meditation provided (and still provide) an unequaled opportunity for centering, inner spaciousness and evolutionary support. But anything we do can turn from expansive to constrictive. Soon I began to feel confined by my yoga and meditation practice. In my highly disciplined HathaRead More
In the midst of ordinary life, finding time to answer a spiritual thirst can seem impossible. We are ‘too busy’, have too many calls on our time already and can be forgiven for postponing spiritual work until some mythical date when we will ‘have time’ for it. Besides, spiritual search can seem mysterious and heavy, as we carry our burdens into our quest. But there are things we can do that are nourishing to the spirit and can help us to move in our chosen direction. We can easily doRead More