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We live in a noisy world. When we want to simplify our lives and shed excess, we learn to learn to tune out outside chatter and turn on within. As we do so, we may find that our inner world has a lot to say. As we go within, we will likely come up the ongoing thoughts from our personality and ego that are like busy little workstations on the go. Once we allow this internal noise to settle, we find the wisdom of the body and our soul thatRead More
The mind’s ability to continuously produce one thought after another is utterly amazing and, at times, annoying too. Thoughts, most often, are the first response of our mind-body system to external stimuli. In today’s world, where our senses are continuously bombarded with information, it is not an easy task to control our first reactions – thoughts – in response to the external stimuli. Thoughts are also a continuous internal dialogue all of us engage in, the meaning and emotional associations of one thought triggering the next, usually without us beingRead More
If we are going to get rid of excess and meet the energy of spring, we will meet the energy of change. Acceptance is not blind and resigned, but active and awake. Life is not happening to you; you are an active co-creator in actualizing what is. You are not an isolated island, but part of an intelligent whole. So try this exercise to help you feel more rooted, expansive and vital in your life and embrace the possibility of change: 1. Find a quiet place to lie on yourRead More
We all can experience negative self-talk. We may call ourselves nasty names when we feel we don’t measure up. We may hear criticism from others when they really are just having a bad day. We can feel defeated even before we start because our inner critic can be so loud. We have all heard of the health effects of positive self-talk, but how do we stop the voice of negative chatter within? I am not sure it really is about stopping it, but more about redirecting our attention elsewhere. TheRead More
When illness brings us to our knees and our life comes to a grinding halt, we can feel bothered by an inconvenient interruption to our busy plans, as though the illness were happening “to me”. But the voice of our soul speaks to us through our body. That voice reminds us of what we have forgotten, that is, our intricate connection to nature and the need to develop humility and awe at its power. As such, illness is a gift helping us along our path. Our body is the veryRead More
By the time this article hits the web, there will be less than ten weeks to the May 24th long weekend. To those of us in Canada, this is epic! Our first real taste of warmth, time with friends, and if we’re fortunate maybe it will mean time spent on a dock with a cold one in hand on a lake in Muskoka! Our first long weekend to kick off the summer. A highlight of the year for those of us who love the outdoors for sure! It also meansRead More
Continued from Getting Ready for Warm Weather Clothing Here are some steps you can take to cleanse yourself of unwanted habits this spring: 1.     Remove all processed foods from your home. Chips, ice cream, crackers, canned fruits and veggies, pop, and the like. If it didn’t at one time grow on a tree, vine or in the ground, swim, walk or fly, get rid of it. When cravings hit, and they will, no matter where you hide it, you will find it. Don’t do that to yourself! Just don’t haveRead More
As spring rolls around, do you want to feel lighter, increase your energy, and take some time to finish the winter with some self-reflection? It’s that time of year where you might be well served to shed a little weight, and rid the body of toxins, both physically and emotionally. A plant-based detoxifying spring cleanse is just what the doctor ordered. The body accumulates toxins over time though our interaction with our immediate environment – in particular food, air, clothing and water – and the main goal of a cleanseRead More
If you had a lot of fun on St. Patrick’s Day recently, or if you just want to give your body a rest from the work it does processing the treats we indulge in, here is a sure way to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. This flush is from Anthony Di Pasquale’s website and originally comes from the source “Cure for all Diseases” by Hulda Clark, ND, © 1995. The cleanse takes two days and the effects can include improved energy, digestion, cholesterol levels, and a sweeter disposition! Prepare theRead More
Bowel health is imperative for beautiful skin. This was emphasized when I saw a long-time client recently who formerly had majorly congested skin and now had a clear, glowing complexion. She had only been eliminating twice a week, and we had her taking some gentle laxative so she started to go a minimum of once per day. Clarifying the gastrointestinal tract really helps clarify the skin. I know, it may sound unorthodox, but as a holistic esthetician, the frequency of bowel movements is usually one of my first inquiries forRead More