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Ocean of Insight: A Sailor’s Voyage from Despair to Hope is a memoir of six years and 15,000 eye-opening miles traversing the wilderness while querying the Great Atlantic Teacher about how to be in a suffering world. Parvati Magazine interviewed the author, Heather Lyn Mann. Parvati Magazine: Please tell us a little about the impetus for your six-year adventure and for writing this book. Heather Lyn Mann: The energy behind the journey was a romantic dream more than 30 years ago to someday sail over the horizon with my husband.Read More
Many scholars predicted that brain research would prove conclusively that consciousness is a product of the physical brain. It is ironic, however, that as we learn more about the brain, we discover that the local brain cannot account for the nonlocal ways in which consciousness manifests. Why isn’t a brain-based approach to consciousness sufficient? How does nonlocal consciousness manifest? Human consciousness is fundamentally nonlocal—not localized or confined to specific points in space, such as brains and bodies, nor to specific points in time, such as the present. A mind thatRead More
Continued from last month’s issue: Parvati Magazine spoke with Marianne Williamson about her new book, From Tears to Triumph. Parvati Magazine: I also want to talk about another big theme in the book, you say that it is important to bear witness to another person’s suffering, that speaks to our core as compassionate beings. Can you speak to this theme of inherent interconnection? Marianne Williamson: Yes, one of the things I talk about in the book is that we should not want to desensitize ourselves to our own suffering. TheRead More
Parvati Magazine spoke with Marianne Williamson about her new book, From Tears to Triumph. This is the first of a two-part interview. Parvati Magazine: The book is very timely. At the same time, your teachings are very timeless. Was there a personal impetus for this book? Marianne Williamson: Well, people go through difficult times in life, whether it is now or 1000 years ago. Heartbreak is not new. But what is new is that we have an odd conversation around it now. There is very little provision societally these daysRead More
Becoming more aware of our intentions, observing their effects and becoming more skillful with them is an absolutely fundamental and powerful source of benefit for ourselves and others. Through establishing our intentions, we have tremendous influence over our life. Therefore, our intentions bring us both great responsibility and great opportunity. Our intentions arise, are represented and pursued in the brain. The brain is like a committee, and the frontal lobes are like the chair of that committee managing executive functions: plan, organize, monitor, and direct. Those executive functions are veryRead More
There’s no worse feeling than dragging the past behind you without knowing how to shake it off. Fears, limiting beliefs, and other traumas can take years to heal—if it’s possible even then. Almost as bad as emotional baggage is the feeling that you’re not quite living up to your full potential. If you can’t quite see yourself succeeding, an internal sense of “stuckness” can make it hard to move forward or to claim the victories that are nearly within reach. Emotions are no simple matter, but therapists and laypersons aroundRead More
In recent years, research has exploded on the subject of meditation and health, and much has been written both in the lay press and academic journals. Parvati Magazine also recently reviewed David O’Connell et al.’s “Prescribing Health: Transcendental Meditation in Contemporary Medical Care”. All these serve as inspiration and springboard for my perspective. I prescribe meditation and mindfulness practice regularly to my patients suffering from a host of conditions including chronic pain and headache, traumatic brain injury and multiple sclerosis. Indeed, the purported health benefits include reduced self-reported levels ofRead More
The following are anecdotes from a recent conversation with Dr. Bernie Siegel about healing.Read More

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Wellness: Illuminate the Winter Blues

As the days shorten in the Northern Hemisphere, the lack of strong daylight can affect mood for many people. While we don’t depend on sunshine in the same way that plants do for survival, we seem to do best as humans when we receive light each day. When we don’t get it, some of us seem to shrug it off, but some of us can find brain chemistry so altered that we experience seasonal depression.Read More
Forgiveness and joy are two very powerful sources for healing and happiness that are often underestimated and misunderstood. As coaches and healers, Laura May Culver and Nicole Odelle Morrison, aka The Joy Journal Girls, have spent the last two decades teaching and cultivating joy and forgiveness within clients and within themselves. They have experienced and witnessed countless transformations of healing and celebration from fear-based existence to love-based living. Do most people desire to experience more joy? More love? Absolutely. Joy is our natural essence; our birthright. We yearn to returnRead More