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When we have pain, we go to the doctor to figure out where it is coming from and why it is there. There may be acute pain in the form of a cut, a wound or a broken bone or it may be related to an infection, a virus or an underlying disease. Once the doctor finds the source of our pain and treats it, either with stitches, a cast or medicine, we are satisfied that the source of our pain is being treated and eliminated. However, is the sourceRead More
Aromatherapy is more than just soothing scents. It’s an ancient medical tradition with real modern applications. Essential oils can be used to soothe headaches and stomachaches, relieve pain, lessen stress, and combat illness—all without the kind of side effects we’ve come to expect from pharmaceutical drugs. Essential oils are one of the earliest forms of health care, used by our ancestors around the world to treat every kind of ailment. The ancient Chinese, Mayans, Greeks and Egyptians considered essential oils such as sandalwood and frankincense to be worth more thanRead More
When the tsunami devastated Japan on March 11, 2011, I was severely hit in my own way. I woke up that morning having had a turbulent night riddled with nightmares and feeling shaken to my core. I got up to find that my legs were not fully responsive and felt numb. Not having yet heard about the earthquake and tsunami, I felt broken and ill. The strange numbness in my legs increased over the next couple of days. Then suddenly – out of nowhere – agonizing pain shot through myRead More
No matter why they come to art therapy, many of my clients have little capacity for fun. Most of their energy is focussed on functioning in their world and meeting the expectations of the others in their lives -whether they be family, work, or friends. Their lives have become energetically tight and closed. They are distracted away from joy. Life is happening to them. They feel unbalanced, and powerless to create the change they long for. Once a trust develops between an art therapist and client, then the capacity toRead More
Whether you’re looking for a hot summer vacation spot or a peaceful retreat, the sea holds an irresistible allure. What is it about the ocean that makes it so nourishing and healing to body and soul? In virtually every traditional culture in the world, the sea is magical, imbued with the echoes of mysticism and mythology. There are few places on Earth more healing to the mind and soul than the sea. The ocean is also rich in elements that nourish the human body—ingredients that explain, in part, its healingRead More
There’s no worse feeling than dragging the past behind you without knowing how to shake it off. Fears, limiting beliefs, and other traumas can take years to heal—if it’s possible even then. Almost as bad as emotional baggage is the feeling that you’re not quite living up to your full potential. If you can’t quite see yourself succeeding, an internal sense of “stuckness” can make it hard to move forward or to claim the victories that are nearly within reach. Emotions are no simple matter, but therapists and laypersons aroundRead More
If you’ve had any past experience with aromatherapy, you may already know that essential oils work on physical, spiritual and energetic levels. These plant essences, with their delicate perfumes, have an ancient history as medicine. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Native American tribes, essential oils have been revered and treasured around the world for the healing impact they have on body, mind and soul. The most potent essential oils can do more than relieve an upset stomach or take away a headache – although they do that, too. TheyRead More
We all can experience negative self-talk. We may call ourselves nasty names when we feel we don’t measure up. We may hear criticism from others when they really are just having a bad day. We can feel defeated even before we start because our inner critic can be so loud. We have all heard of the health effects of positive self-talk, but how do we stop the voice of negative chatter within? I am not sure it really is about stopping it, but more about redirecting our attention elsewhere. TheRead More
When illness brings us to our knees and our life comes to a grinding halt, we can feel bothered by an inconvenient interruption to our busy plans, as though the illness were happening “to me”. But the voice of our soul speaks to us through our body. That voice reminds us of what we have forgotten, that is, our intricate connection to nature and the need to develop humility and awe at its power. As such, illness is a gift helping us along our path. Our body is the veryRead More
Much of Earth emerges from winter through warming temperatures and the melting of a snow blanket. The climate that kept plant life asleep underground since autumn begins to lift its cooling breath, inviting new life to return. First stirrings of plants’ energy for renewal begins well beneath the surface, where the eye cannot observe but where we trust that it occurs. All of life mirrors itself, “as within, so without”. Throughout life’s journey, our minds and bodies reflect a similar process of awakening beneath the surface, long before our logicalRead More