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Recently, the scandal swirling around yoga teacher John Friend gave rise to many cynical articles by journalists convinced there was little good in the yoga scene. Scandals in the yoga scene are nothing new. We could cite here pages of stories depicted in ancient yogic texts such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana that illustrate the twisted acts of human folly while on a spiritual path. Yet the media, spearheaded by journalists that are clearly not impartial reporters doing thorough research, seems to proudly point fingers at seeming rot at theRead More

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Yoga: The Light Of Truth, by Parvati Devi

The ancient Sanskrit word “guru” comes from two root words “gu” (darkness) and “ru” (removal of such). The classical Hindu text called the Guru Gita refers to the meaning of the word “guru” as being the one who leads us from the darkness of ignorance to the true light of pure consciousness. How easy it is for our limited ego-mind to project a wish for such liberation upon a human being who is not fully realized, and as such, cannot support our spiritual journey through its perils and promises. BecauseRead More
At the heart of a yogi’s practice, we find a developed sense of “beginner’s mind”. This mental attitude and outlook on life supports the profound and rooted power that comes from humility, receptivity and expansion. Beginner’s mind allows us to be open to possibility, rather than fixed on ideas of what we think this moment should be. It allows us to be in “non-resistance to what is”, rather than projecting our will onto the world. In Hatha Yoga (the physical practice of yoga), an attitude of beginner’s mind is key.Read More
Yoga is life. It is everything. It is the way the branches of each tree converge and make entirely unique patterns in each tree. It is within the mystery of life unfolding and it is the mystery itself. It is the gut “knowing” we all have from deep within and it is within the surrendered not knowing. After two teacher training programs and much in depth study, Yoga now forms the root of my being. It creates the foundation of the way I receive the moment, the way I processRead More
As a yoga instructor, I frequently get questions and comments from students, such as: “I can’t do yoga, I can’t even touch my toes,” “I am not flexible enough to do yoga,” or “Am I too old to start yoga?” We like to see visual progress and results for the hours of effort we put into something. What if the result was mental well-being that could not be measured physically but would bring peace and joy into your life? What if you went to have fun and you actually reapedRead More
Children these days have bustling lives. Parents are busy, and there are school pressures and competitive activities that over time have a large influence on a child’s inner joy, self-expression, and imagination. In a kids’ yoga class, children learn useful tools in a fun and explorative environment. Kids’ yoga is all about letting go and having fun. The teacher lets go of form or alignment of postures. Even though a lesson plan is prepared, it is all about co-creation and going with each moment led by little imaginative minds. ChildrenRead More
For years, I was religious about my yoga asana practice. I woke up and first thing, practiced every day without fail. I had to. Somehow I felt wonky if I did not. My day would unfold more smoothly when I did, and I loved that feeling. Yoga and meditation provided (and still provide) an unequaled opportunity for centering, inner spaciousness and evolutionary support. But anything we do can turn from expansive to constrictive. Soon I began to feel confined by my yoga and meditation practice. In my highly disciplined HathaRead More
A hatha yoga practice flowers from the inside out. It is never about how it looks from the outside in. Life itself grows from within. We often get caught up into thinking that the source of love we all want to experience is somewhere outside. So we push and pull at the moment, wanting to be somewhere else. All the while, the fullness of love we wish to find has been quietly waiting for our fluttering minds to grow quiet. In stillness, we see that love is like a seedRead More
In a yoga world that is garlanded by the latest yoga fashions and the scandals of a guru’s rise and fall, we must learn to let go of all excess and tune into the essential. Rather than striving for masterful asana (yoga poses), that can feed your ego (“Look at me! Look what I can do!”), keep yoga practice simple. Always listen to your body. Do not push. Ever. Even as you do the same pose over and over, remember that each practice is entirely unique. It is a newRead More
We live in a noisy world. When we want to simplify our lives and shed excess, we learn to learn to tune out outside chatter and turn on within. As we do so, we may find that our inner world has a lot to say. As we go within, we will likely come up the ongoing thoughts from our personality and ego that are like busy little workstations on the go. Once we allow this internal noise to settle, we find the wisdom of the body and our soul thatRead More