Page 5 - Parvati Magazine - October 2016
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AboutParvati Magazine is an online monthly maga- zine dedicated to awakened living.  e name of the magazine is not about an individual per- son but a celebration of the goddess Parvati in Her incarnation as the awakened Earth.Parvati Magazine is managed and written by volunteers who give their time and tal- ent to help build a regular source of infor- mation and inspiration for all who seekto live an awakened life, whether through personal development, spiritual practice, engaged activism or simply some fresh per- spectives on arts and current a airs.Submissions of 400-650 words may be consid- ered for inclusion in Parvati Magazine if they are in keeping with the theme for a given month. Your article should be well-written and give clear and useful information that empowers the reader.Columns with editorial openings include Well- ness, Fitness, Nutrition, Fashion, Books, Film, Music and Business.For further information about editorial guidelines: submit@parvatimagazine.comParvati Magazine is pleased to run advertise- ments for our contributors. Other potential advertisers should contact ads@parvatimaga- for ad speci cation and pricing. Advertisement revenue at this time supportsthe ongoing work and quality of the magazine through stock photos, platform upgrades, hosting costs, etc.A percentage of all proceeds is donated to the work of to establish the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

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