Film: “Morning Glory”, by Emmanuel Lopez

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

I will always see the summer of 2011 as yet another test of maintaining my faith and indestructible optimism. The Einstein quote exemplifies how I am facing my latest financial challenges and how I’ve taken steps to approach my problems using different thinking. I’ve discovered that daily, consistent meditation has helped me unearth an inner voice revealing answers I’ve been seeking.

One of these answers came in remembering my first successful business as an illustrator. I was reminded of how abundant, full and flowing my work AND bank account was. I was given a vision of a time where I earned an extremely prosperous living because of the great business team I had AND how much fun my days were. Soon after this experience I was synchronistically led to watching a movie that mirrored that same bright excitement and energy of my past successes.

Morning Glory 2010

The comedy Morning Glory is about aspiring TV news producer Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) who, after getting laid off unexpectedly, gets a chance to help a struggling morning show called DayBreak. Though she exhibits many quirky personality traits, Fuller demonstrates great leadership qualities such as assertiveness, perseverance, creative thinking and indestructible optimism.

When faced with difficult personalities like Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), Fuller persevered with enthusiasm in helping him adapt and to create a team spirit among the morning show workers. She even showed a proactive, fighter mindset rather than a victim mentality when the network threatened to cancel her morning show. See: movie trailer

Remember Past Successes

This movie mirrored many aspects of myself that re-ignited my positive emotional energy. It had one character (Fuller) that mirrored the strengths and leadership mindset I know I already have inside me. And it had another character (Pomeroy) who reminded me that despite whatever age you are one can still make the changes necessary to adapt successfully with whatever life throws at you.

If unexpected change or crisis hits you, do your best to activate your leadership mindset to persevere. One way to re-energize your positivity is to remember any of your past successes and achievements. Another is to find cinematic role models to inspire you. When you do you will recognize proof of your capabilities and re-ignite your passion, drive AND indestructible optimism in whatever challenge you face right now!

Emmanuel Lopez

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