Music: Sound the I AM Revolution, by Rishi Gerald

My life-long love of music began when I was four years old and my parents sat me in front of a black-and-white Little Richard concert on the television. Growing up in the UK, I had access to great new music programs on the radio and on TV, like The John Peel Radio Show, The Old Gray Whistle Test, Top Of The Pops, Pirate Radio and Radio Luxembourg. TV personalities and personable DJs became my teachers. Like a sponge, I absorbed it all. I soon developed a keen ear for what would be the next hit, fad or musical style. By the age of nine, I could name that tune in six notes or less, and could pick a future hit with near flawless accuracy.

When I moved to North America in the early 80’s, I was a bit ahead of the musical times there. Because of my UK advantage, I knew that Blondie, Gary Numan, The Clash and The Bugles were going to be hits. So I used my love for new music to gain the number one position in the schoolyard. I kept my finger on the European pulse and started making mixtapes of songs that had yet to be released in North America. My now-infamous classic mixtapes impressed the girls. My best friend Jeff and I went on to DJ parties. I spent all my allowance purchasing, singles, albums and concert tickets, and would daydream about becoming a radio DJ.

Around age eighteen, I learned about yoga and meditation. Through meditation, I started to see a much bigger picture. At that point I knew I wanted to be of service to the arts and to artists. But it wasn’t until I met Parvati and experienced her music several years later, that I discovered the subtle energy in sound.

Parvati and I sat in her studio to listen to music together. The artists varied from Bach to the Sex Pistols. She encouraged me to listen with my body. With some songs I would find that my energy system opened up; while with others I found my body constricting. We saw patterns that had nothing to do with musical style and everything to do with the soul expression of the artist, the energy of the composition, and even things as subtle as the mood of the record producer.

My musical appreciation underwent a quantum shift. Today, I no longer approach music just in terms of hooks, melodies, rhythms, etc., but more with my body and soul. I believe music can have transformational effects on us. Parvati calls this capacity the Positive Possibilities. I learned that she consciously connects to it when she creates music. As Parvati and I listened together to her music, she explained how she feels that when she is in the creative process, she feels she is in service to something greater than her ego. It became clear to me that such music, music that supports evolution, is a rare and beautiful gift to humanity.

With the desire to be in service to the sound of evolution, we started the Kupid’s Play record label. As CEO, I am dedicated to spreading this special quality of music through the airwaves. We call it the I AM Revolution. I am excited about giving voice to great music that supports people living awakened lives.

Each month in this space, I will review a record, concert or single that “Sounds the I AM Revolution”. The music will vary. It could be about a breakup, a loss of a friend, a new beginning. It could be a ballad, hardcore or disco. The possibilities are as infinite as is our own true nature. I hope you will join me on this musical journey into the mystic.

Rishi GeraldRishi Gerald is the CEO of Kupid’s Play Records. He describes Kupid’s Play like this: “Kupid’s Play is the Sound of the I Am Revolution. As an international record label devoted to raising global consciousness we bring awakened artists to the commercial mainstream. Our vision extends beyond a traditional record label. We know impossibilities are not real and build non-traditional revenue models by embracing new technologies in the current economic landscape. We know music is everywhere. Kupid’s Play actively seeks out creative opportunities to get its artists’ music to their fans in new ways ensuring that the Sound of the I Am Revolution is heard.” With two decades of experience in the music industry, Rishi has been nominated for numerous marketing awards and earned a Gold Record in the music industry for management.