Music: 911-1-LOVE at the North Pole, by Rishi Gerald

This month’s theme is all about going inward, harvesting and preparing for the winter. Parvati’s song “911-1-L-O-V-E” does just that.

On September 26, 2010, in one of the most barren, desolate and inhospitable climates on the planet, Parvati performed her song “911-1-L-O-V-E” (among others) at the top of the world. Parvati went to the North Pole to sing songs to raise awareness of the melting polar ice caps as well as to offer her life in service, as a dedicated yogini, to Mother Earth.

I have heard interviewers ask Parvati, “Why would you go to the North Pole to raise awareness that the ice is melting if nobody is there?” I believe it is a fair question; however, what these interviewers miss is seeing Parvati as an artist that is acutely aware of the environment and the co-creative role we play with nature. I believe Parvati went to the North Pole for these reasons: to offer thanks and praises to Gaia; to support nature, going to any length to give to the Earth in any way she can; and to show the world that collectively we can make a difference.

At the North Pole, the conditions for performing were extreme. The bitter cold drained batteries rapidly and froze faces and fingers. Yet, despite the extreme cold that stopped the equipment and body parts from working, Parvati sang four songs with as much passion, commitment and dedication as she brings to a packed performance hall.

I picked Parvati’s self-produced track “911-1-L-O-V-E” to explore this month because it is about the revolution of going inward and the fruits that come from that experience. Apart from being a very cool electronic dance track, it is a most powerful shamanic journey. It takes the listener from the pain of the external, to the humility and surrender of the innermost sanctum of the self, and then to a realization (through an expansion and merging experience) that we are all one.
The message in “911-1-L-O-V-E” is that there is no “I”, or “me”. There just IS. In this, the song is a call to love ourselves, the Earth and all beings. It is in this place of interconnection that the most bountiful harvest can be found. It is this place that we, consciously or unconsciously, are all born to realize.

“911-1-L-O-V-E” has not yet been officially released. Parvati is gearing up for a stellar release of a music video for the song in November this year, showcasing of the first ever music video/performance from the North Pole. We look forward to the release party. If you would like to be invited to the video release party, please email me at It is going to be quite the trip. In the meantime, you can hear the track on Parvati’s ReverbNation page.

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