Film: Believe In Magic During The Holidays – The Family Stone, by Emmanuel Lopez

A magical thing happened to me recently. One Sunday, I was compelled to go to a nearby Starbucks early in the morning around 7:15am. No one was there. I went straight to the counter where something shiny caught my eye on the floor. It was a dime.

I have written before that whenever I find a shiny dime that it is a message that my dad is still with me. He had passed away without warning back in December of 2000. I felt a flush rush over me and knew that the latest shiny dime was an extra powerful message from my father.

I didn’t fully realize the significance of the message until that night when I remembered the very next day was the anniversary of my dad’s passing. I cried at the epiphany. I felt he was telling me that he is still very much here.

That next day I was compelled to change all my online photos of myself on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and all my promotional materials and website.

People have been telling me that I look more and more like my father as I grow older, and I admit that my new photos do show this. So I believe the shiny dime was a special Christmas message for me to show my new photo to the world and that my dad was around in more ways than one.

The Family Stone 2005

The movie The Family StoneΒ is a special film for me because it represents the magical things that can happen at Christmas despite profound sadness. The film is about a family’s memorable Christmas gathering and the universal issues and comedies that occur in many families when they get together.

Relationships are tested among the family as well as with the woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) that the one son (Dermot Mulroney) brings home as his fiancΓ©. This is also a special movie for those, like myself, who have lost someone close during the Christmas holiday.

In the end, this movie celebrates unexpected holiday magic. It’s about believing that anything can happen and that miracles do exist. If this is a special time of year for you, then you can also ride on all the positive memories of Christmases past to energize your spirit.

Believe in holiday magic. If you receive magical signs like shiny dimes, it could be a message that the loved ones you’ve lost are still with you.

Synchronicity Note: The date of the shiny dime I recently found was 2005. That is the same year The Family Stone movie came out and when I first saw it in a theatre with my mom at Christmas.

Emmanuel Lopez

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