Fitness: Keeping The Big Picture In Sight, by Sandra O’Brien

I recently travelled to Maui for Awesomeness Fest, a conference where speakers like Lisa Nichols, Vishen Lakhiani and the like gathered to share their insights and stories to create a tribe that thrives in awesomeness! It was a life changing event. As I flew into Dallas airport to catch a connecting flight, the sun was shining brightly over the clouds. The sky so closely resembled balls of cotton, then morphed into what looked like a snow-covered landscape with mountains in the distance. As bright and spectacular as the view was, I occasionally caught a glimpse of the landscape below. It was dark, cold, almost lifeless, as if the sun did not exist at all. The reality of course, is that light is always present even when it seems darkest.

Reaching your goal is always closer then it appears. The sun, and your end result, are always available to you even when they appear to be nowhere in sight. Change is always around the corner. It is inevitable. What version of change you experience depends on the actions you take, the foods you eat and the lifestyle you chose to live. But be sure, just as light cannot exist without darkness, a healthy body cannot exist without disease. Our universe is made up of yin and yang. We cannot experience one without the presence of its opposite.

Consistency and commitment to eating well and completing workouts with intensity, will always yield rewards. For most, there is something profound about experiencing the darkness of their health declining or an increase in body fat, that provokes them to adopt the “enough is enough” mentality and finally create change in habits. Some are almost on the verge of being disgusted with themselves before deciding to make changes. It is always darkest before dawn. Most finally realize they cannot create a new improved version of themselves while taking the same actions. It may be helpful to think of yourself as a person who is healthy and lean versus one who is trying to lose weight. Have the mentality that you already possess the body and energy you desire, and act accordingly.

Even when you think there is no improvement, changes in your body and health may in fact be just around the corner. Fat loss and health improvements often do not follow the path the textbooks say. Trust the lifestyle you have chosen to lead. Know that your daily meditation, ingesting 3 litres of water daily, eating single-ingredient non-processed foods and moving daily will create a healthy and lean body overall. The most important concept with any project involving change is to keep the big picture in sight. Some days will be dark and challenging. You may want to inhale all the junk food you can get your hands on and you would rather have a root canal then bear the thought of having to work out. That is also part of the journey. Be easy with yourself.

Just as the sun has the moon, up has down and hot has cold, your journey to create a healthier you will have its days of non-compliance. It’s a journey, cupcake, not a single event. And some of those days you may eat your cupcakes and rum cake, sip eggnog and watch TV all day long. You will get over it, get back on the wagon, keep moving forward, each day closer to the healthiest version of you possible. You have it in you; of this I am sure.

Sandra O'BrienSandra O’Brien is mother to the world’s three most fabulous children. She is also a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Reiki healer. She is creator of the Bootcamp Goddess system, a female fitness program to blowtorch body fat, sculpt sexy lean muscle and empower women everywhere to be the best version of themselves, inside and out. She enjoys the ocean, fire walking, reading, long walks, meditation, men in linen shirts and a full moon.