Film: Find Empowering Resources for Your Life Transition โ€“ Eat Pray Love, by Emmanuel Lopez

“Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.”

Eat Pray Love (2010)

I found Eat Pray Love to be one of the most powerful movies I saw in 2010. In fact, at the end and throughout the entire credits I couldnโ€™t stop crying. I was deeply affected because there were so many parallels in the story with my own life transitions at the time. The foundations of my home and my direction in life and career had been shaken up just like the heroine named Liz. In her story she loses all her money, puts all her belongings in storage and lets go of the old life she was living. This was a very emotional mirror for me to watch.

Yet the film is filled with an overflowing series of insights and messages on how to overcome the pain of life changes. You will find many empowering tips for finding yourself again. There were lessons Liz learns that I had already discovered from my challenges and there were many more that I was then able to apply to my situation. This movie has already helped me be more confident in knowing I will unearth the direction my life and career are destined to go.

Based on the true story and best selling book, Eat Pray Loveย stars Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert who travels around the world to rediscover who she is. She travels to Italy to experience the pleasures of eating, then to India to learn the power of prayer, and finally to Bali where she discovers how to love again.Through the vibrant characters she meets, Liz begins to see life with a whole new perspective. A medicine man in Bali gives her a drawing of a figure with four legs signifying that she needs to stay very grounded and look at life through her heart instead of her head. In Italy she meets a man who explains the true nature of pleasure, which is neither fully understood nor practiced in North America.

For days after seeing this film, I would remember more its empowering messages. I recommend anyone who is going through a big life transition right now to see Eat Pray Loveย and discover it ย as a powerful resource. If you’ve read the book, I suggest putting aside expectations and let the cinematic version unfold for you to drink in.

Self-discovery can be an enjoyable experience if you wish it to be. Traveling around the world is one glorious way of doing this. Movies are another, where you can learn life lessons from the movie heroes who overcome their adversities. Whatever resources you choose to help you in your times of change, always remember to enjoy the journey!

Emmanuel Lopez

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