Film: Focus On The Reality You Want – Inception, by Emmanuel Lopez

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”
Inception (2010)

I believe based on my experience that what I want already exists. I just have to focus on it. Proof of this came on the opening night screening of Inception. A friend and I chose to see the movie at a theatre outside of Toronto, so we left by car 90 minutes before the film start time. Unfortunately it was rush hour with multiple road repairs and a public event causing the traffic we were in.

Every direction we went kept us from leaving the city. I was feeling frustrated and it appeared hopeless exiting the city. That’s when I remembered techniques to manifesting the reality I wanted that have worked in the past. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply and visualized sitting comfortably in the theatre waiting for the movie to start. I imagined how good I would feel. My friends and I use a similar technique for getting perfect parking spaces!

About a minute afterwards my friend driving suggested we go back to where we started and take the QEW highway. At that point it was 40 minutes to screen time and I just surrendered to whatever was going to happen. Amazingly, once we got to the QEW highway we were moving freely out of the city. We were both surprised at how unusual this was at rush hour. In the end we arrived at the theatre with 15 minutes to spare!

As I sat in the theatre (with perfect centre seats) I was very conscious that this was exactly what I visualized in the car. I altered my reality — and this was synchronistically what the movie was about.

Inception 2010

The movie Inception explores many concepts of reality and how it manifests for an individual. In the story Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is hired to infiltrate someone’s dreams to implant an idea. What you learn is that Cobb has something dark within his subconscious mind that sabotages his goal.

For anyone, the subconscious mind can be filled with destructive thoughts that sabotage our own goals because they’ve become part of our default behaviour. And though it may take a long time learning to transform these subconscious thoughts, creative visualization is an important step forward.

So despite some difficult circumstances, I am imagining a bright future and exciting new work experiences with people that I enjoy collaborating with. That’s the reality I want.

Remember, you have the choice to accept or change your reality. All you have to do is focus on the path that you want to follow. Picture what you want and imagine how good you feel as if you already have it. There are many roads in front of you right now. Which one will you choose today?

Emmanuel Lopez

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