Fitness: Recovery from Overindulgence, by Sandra O’Brien

The season of overindulgence has passed. You survived or you wouldn’t be reading this. How much damage was done is open to perception. Did you go for seconds at the family events? Did you fill up on potatoes, gravy, pies and bread? Or were you tipping the elbow? If you enjoyed both food and drink with wild abandonment, you are not alone! No need to feel guilty or be hard on yourself when you need to squeeze your butt and thighs into your pants. You had an awesome time, I hope, and now you simply have a few things to do to stop feeling like a sloth.

Here are a few things you can do now to offset the extra calories and toxins you ingested. You can implement these steps for three to four days after your partying, or anytime you feel you need to take charge and reset your body to start anew. These steps will help get you back on track and limit the damage of your actions. You will feel lighter, and more energetic. Yes, it would have been easier not to have indulged so often over the holidays, but too late for that now. Now, you deal with the muffin top and lethargy.

Three simple steps to reset your system and get back on track:

1. Eliminate wheat, dairy and processed foods.
Wheat and dairy are two of the largest offenders for creating inflammation and bloating in the body. Avoid all processed sugar. Eliminate cakes, cookies, ice cream, bread and pasta, all liquids except water and fresh juices. If you need bread, eat Ezekiel sprouted whole grain bread. It’s great toasted with raw organic almond butter. Stick to eating unprocessed real food at each meal. You can never go wrong with grass fed beef or chicken, wild fish and lots of steamed veggies. Juicing is another fabulous option. Stick to fresh fruit before noon, either whole or made into a smoothie in a blender.

2. Drink LOTS of water.
Adding organic lemon/lime or baking soda to you water will also be beneficial. Water will help your liver detoxify significantly faster. Water will keep you feeling full, which will also help with both cravings and eating for the sake of eating. Organic herbal teas can also help with the detox process.

3. Go for a daily walk for 20 minutes at a minimum.
Outside is best, but even going to the mall for a brisk indoor walk is beneficial. This will burn extra calories and keep you moving. But your best option is to turn up the intensity of your full-body workout. Moving your body will rid you of toxins faster, increase your metabolism and leave you feeling energetic and alive. You can find several full-body workouts here.

 These steps will not only help reset your body to a fresh start, but your mindset as well. You must change what you have always done, to create a new outcome. There simply is no other way. You have the body and energy levels you now possess, because of your activity levels, what you ingest and your mindset. If you don’t feel that you are living at optimal levels in body and mind, this is your chance to start over.

One of my clients, Chelsea Kuye, recently said, “I would have to say I had enough and finally got serious about my health coming up to a year ago now. I did not want my year to start off with good intentions for my health and end up a year older, heavier, unhappy and sedentary. It has been an evolving effort. Slowly but surely it got easy to say NO to foods that were not going to nourish my body. I enjoy knowing I have started out my day completing a killer workout, and love seeing the results of that workout. Making this commitment to live healthier has led to a natural state of overall happiness and a focused approach in handling stress has improved.”

What you have done up until this very moment is not important. Rewrite your script. Rewrite your future, starting today, starting this very moment. Take a stand to let go of your past behaviours and make 2012 your most EPIC year ever.

Sandra O'BrienSandra O’Brien is mother to the world’s three most fabulous children. She is also a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Reiki healer. She is creator of the Bootcamp Goddess system, a female fitness program to blowtorch body fat, sculpt sexy lean muscle and empower women everywhere to be the best version of themselves, inside and out. She enjoys the ocean, fire walking, reading, long walks, meditation, men in linen shirts and a full moon.