Wellness: Beginning As A Healer, by Sunanda Jordon

In the October 2011 issue, I wrote an article about the healing modality called Craniosacral Therapy, and explained a bit about the inner physician, the inner wisdom we all possess. In addition to knowing how to heal our organs, cuts and bruises, it knows our inherent desire to grow and evolve and the perfect way to do this. It is connected with the cosmic intelligence of the universe. Our inner wisdom has a voice and wants to communicate with us.

Over the past two years, I have had to learn to listen to the voice of my inner wisdom. After fifteen years as a legal assistant, moving around from one big law firm to another and becoming more and more miserable, one day I was abruptly let go.

Although the shock of unemployment hit hard, I also felt tremendous relief and a quiet resolve to leave the legal environment behind forever. But… what to do next? I had no other skills besides those sought after by the corporate world. I had no postgraduate degree, nor did I have experience in careers that did appeal to me. I felt stuck, hopeless and discouraged.

So I went inside and tried to find the voice of my soul. But I had been ignoring it for so long that I had no idea what it was trying to tell me. The more I tried to figure it out, the more I seemed to move away from it, until I finally accepted that I just didn’t know. So I hung out in “not knowing”, trusting that if and when I was ready to hear it, I would learn my true joy and calling.

One thing I did know was that I loved horses. These animals and I have always had a very special connection. It is they who gently allowed me to discover an aspect of myself I did not know existed. I took up a part-time job at a riding stable in exchange for lessons. One day, one of the horses developed colic and was in tremendous pain. I felt torn inside at seeing the animal suffer and helpless because, other than walking it and hoping that the blockage in the bowel would move until the vet got there, there was nothing I could do. So I started to experiment with sending energy. I didn’t know what I was doing, but intuitively drew universal energy down through my crown chakra and out of my heart chakra into the horse’s flank. It seemed to help. I have since “treated” various horses in this barn from mild cases of colic, to abscesses and other minor injuries, with good results. It used to give me such great pleasure to help these animals and be of service in such a non-invasive, gentle way that I started looking into healing modalities that would support this gift, as well as the joy I received from working with Universal energy.

Then, literally by accident (a friend’s accident, to be exact, calling me to practice on her) I was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy. This friend intuitively knew that this was the perfect fit for what I was already naturally doing with the horses and then with people. I just completed my second course in Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute and am absolutely thrilled with what I learned. I can’t wait to put it into practice. It was definitely worth the letting go and work I needed to do to find and trust my inner wisdom.

The bonus of it all is that, in order to effectively facilitate as a craniosacral therapist, one need to honour and trust one’s own inner wisdom and constantly listen to and be guided by the voice within. In this way I keep learning, growing and evolving. My clients are now also my teachers. Is that not the perfect co-creation?

Sunanda JordonSunanda Jordon is the Acquisitions Editor for the Wellness section of Parvati Magazine. She is a practitioner of craniosacral therapy in Vaughan, Canada, and has also studied Reiki.