Wellness: Flower Essences, by Pranada Devi

One of the great fallacies plaguing human thinking in this age is the intellectual notion that our physical form only responds to what happens on the gross, visible level. This kind of thinking is actually a form of defeatism, of victim mentality writ large, in which unexplained physical ailments happen β€œTO me” in an uncompassionate universe. It is an attitude that feeds the ego’s sense of separation.

But every being on the planet, and the planet itself, is interconnected beyond any intellectual understanding. In this interconnection, not only the actions but even the thoughts of one affect the health and balance of the whole, and vice versa. Our physical bodies respond to far more than we currently understand.

The underlying reality of the universe is unconditional love. The universe is always ready to supply the matter, means and action needed for us to live our joy. Our own bodies are wondrous alchemical temples in which we may learn and grow towards the ultimate reality of Oneness.

We can learn from our bodies’ subtle signals, or wait until the subtle signals become not so subtle. Left unresolved, the energies of grief, rage or shame (or other expressions of disconnection from our true selves) may become more and more solid until they manifest on the gross level as illness.

In this infinitely connected, infinitely loving, co-creative universe, does it not stand to reason that the things we need to heal and grow are made available to us in some form or other, so that we can address these energies long before they solidify into disease?

Flowers are one expression of healing and rebalancing patterns made available by Nature. Have you ever inhaled deeply from a freshly blooming flower and felt more relaxed, expansive or even joyful? It is not simply the fragrance of the flower but its expansive energy which you are receiving.

Just as flowers vary in size, shape, color and fragrance, so do they also vary in the healing energy they offer. The energy of a rose may be blissful while the energy of a carnation helps us feel more grounded. The energy of a bleeding heart flower may remind us to be judicious about boundaries, while the energy of a shooting star flower may help us to feel a sense of belonging on the planet.

The preparation of flower essences is a highly economic way to provide a flower’s healing energy to many more people than could normally benefit from it. With a flower essence, the full healing pattern of a flower is imprinted into pure water. This water is then combined with either vinegar or alcohol (typically brandy or vodka) as a preservative. It can then be administered via a dropper; typically a few drops are all that is needed at a time to provide that healing pattern to the body. Doses may be repeated over days or even months as needed at the time. The energy of the flower is assimilated via the body’s electrical (nervous) system, which then communicates the pattern to all levels of the body-being for integration and healing.

Essences can also be made from crystals, gemstones or even the energy of a given environment. The same principles apply.

Working with flower essences is an opportunity to broaden our understanding and appreciation of the love and healing available to us all, and of how marvelously subtle and complex our body-being is.

If you are interested in working with flower essences but don’t know where to start, here are some essences I would recommend to everyone:


Pranada Devi has studied flower essences and Nature co-creation for four years and is developing a series of workshops on working effectively with the intelligence in Nature for healing, personal growth and success.