Activism: Prayer for Stuck Souls, by Anthony Ratcliff

Editor’s note: In the past, we have featured articles in this section that have highlighted tangible works of activism, such travelling to Haiti or the North Pole, or rescuing girls from sex trafficking. However, we believe activism can also take subtle forms and that the intentions we hold can have powerful effects. Group prayer (of any spiritual denomination) can be of great benefit to the planet.

The following article originally appeared at Underwater Butterfly and was brought to our attention as we were preparing the “Getting Unstuck” issue. Anthony Ratcliff is a writer and shaman who perceives the unseen world and wishes to increase our awareness of the soul’s journey after death and how we can help.

There are souls still stuck in the earth resulting from the actions of both World Wars and even from Napoleon’s war. There are a number of major sites linked to 46 particular battles, 20 from World War 1 and 26 from World War 2, as well as those related to the French retreat from Moscow, at the end of the napoleonic war with Russia, nearly 200 years ago. There is also one major one, at the site of a Russian gulag, on the Belarus-Poland border. These ‘major’ sites are defined as ones where more than 600 souls remain stuck.

These souls are not from those who died suddenly, from a fatal bullet or explosion, but from those who died slowly experiencing extreme suffering or fear, due to their wounds, the cold or starvation as well as those who were taken prisoner and tortured, dying subsequently in labour/death camps.

These sites are spread throughout Europe and Russia – particualry in France, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Borussia, Poland, Italy, and Serbia.

For some reason, these souls cannot be released by anything considered as a ‘normal’ practice but rather through ‘group’ intent. I would ask all of you reading this to say a heartfelt prayer each day for a month, directed toward these souls, so helping with their release. An ideal prayer is:

‘Forgive all souls stuck in the earth’.

On behalf of all souls, whether those of soldiers or civilians who died as a consequence of war, a humble yet deeply resonating ‘thank you’ for your prayers.

Anthony Ratcliff takes readers on a journey into a world that began to be revealed to him in 2005, when he discovered the ability to interact with the unseen through vivid life-changing visions. Through grace, he has been shown how to free groups of trapped hereafter souls. He blends inspiration with clear guidance to encourage us to help the souls of the deceased in addition to preparing for our own inevitable transition.

Born in the U.K., Ratcliff now resides just outside Toronto, Canada. Professionally, he has been a member of the board of directors of a public company in the UK. As a consultant, he has travelled to China, Africa, Europe, North and Central America as a process specialist connected with the manufacturing of copper. He has also coached top-level racecar drivers to enhance their performance with mind preparation techniques.

Ratcliff is a true original, an authentic messenger and a naturally gifted shaman and healer, devoted to revealing the lessons that death and the hereafter have for the benefit of life.