Music: Ed Sheeran, by Rishi Gerald

Maybe I like Ed Sheeran because like me he was born in West Yorkshire, England. Or maybe it’s because he is an up and coming artist who deserves to be recognized for his talents, but I’ll let you decide that.

If you are reading this article in the UK, you may well be familiar with Ed Sheeran and his Atlantic Records debut CD. The record has been working its way up the album charts to beat out Adele, Bruno Mars and even Coldplay for the number one position.

In North America we will have to wait a while for the record to be released. But Warner North America recently released “The A Team” EP featuring the beautifully moving ballad about a homeless drug addicted teen who can’t find her way out.

The song “Lego House” which is on the album but not on the EP can be heard here. You can also hear the acoustic version of the song “Small Bump”. It’s a loving song to a baby who was not born.

This artist is relevant for this month’s theme of getting unstuck because I find that he follows his passion. Where many would stop and give up, he listened to his heart, knew his own worth, honed his skills and looked for a new environment. He believed in himself even if others did not. I remember when I was 20 years old, the world was mine and possibility was infinite. Slowly, I started realizing that life wasn’t just mine for the taking. I had been thrown curve balls. I was getting stuck and the wind taken from my sails. Yet, I did not give up. That feistiness that comes with innocence of youth is a gift and no matter what, if we believe in ourselves, anything is possible. Now, to my adult ears, Ed Sheeran is a 21-year-old reminder that being stuck is temporary and with a belief in our self combined with the courage to live our life fully, dreams can and do come true.

In 2010, Ed left his management company in the UK and purchased a ticket to Los Angeles. He had no contacts and played open mic nights all over the city. On one night, while playing at ‘The Foxxhole”, he was spotted by Jamie Foxx, who invited him to stay at his house and record for the rest of his stay.

Keep your eyes open for this one — now that he has a number one record in the UK, he is a sure-fire hit waiting to happen in the US.

Editor’s note: Rishi just let us know that a few days after this article went to print, Ed Sheeran won two BRIT awards in the UK, for Best Male Artist and British Breakthrough Act.

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