Business: Life Lessons in Transmuting Suffering Into Liberation, by Man of Faith

Further to my article, “A Cleanse From The Universe”, below are five practices to help you make empowered choices, release the excess baggage and discover true freedom.

1. Cultivate Clarity
It’s vital to get clear on core limiting beliefs and the pattern of dissatisfaction or suffering they cause. Work with a skilled practitioner who can help you get clear on how your interpretation of events early in your life set the stage for the creation of your present reality. Once you have that clear understanding, you can replace old self-limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs.

2. Faith in Life
The DNA of all self-limiting beliefs is fear: fear that we’re not good enough, not worthy, not lovable, not safe, don’t have enough, won’t ever have enough. Fear is born from ignorance of who we really are, and is the source of all the suffering we cause ourselves and others: anxiety, anger, shame, envy, jealousy, hatred. The antidote to fear is faith — faith in life. Albert Einstein said the most important decision a human can make is whether or not the universe is friendly or hostile. If you believe the universe is friendly, let go and be supported. Trust life. And trust that all life’s seeming difficulties are gifts designed to help us evolve into the highest version of ourselves. The cultivation of faith in life is the most powerful source of freedom.

3. The Power In Service
Most people can become captivated by intense wanting. “More is better” has become the mantra of the modern Western world: more money, better jobs, bigger houses, more romance, more sex, more peace, more spirituality, more status, more toys, more excitement. My experience is that the wanting of “more” can never be satisfied. It just creates more wanting. The greatest sense of freedom doesn’t come from the things we get – money, virtue, prestige. It comes from the things we give: trust, compassion, generosity. And when we rest in the feeling of sufficiency, we can shift from a place of lack to a place of fullness. This is where abundance lives. When we give we receive. It’s natural law.

4. The Gift in Gratitude
If you’re reading this article, you’re among the “haves” in this world. You not only have the basic necessities, but great luxury relative to the rest of the world. Yet it’s easy for us to forget that, and look at what we don’t have. This just perpetuates feelings of lack. We can release ourselves from the bondage of wanting more by appreciating what we have. Live in an attitude of gratitude. What we appreciate will always appreciate, and create the freedom we desire.

5. The Sacredness of Humility
External measures of success such as money, virtue and prestige adorn the ego. When we have them, they can feed a feeling of “better than” that positively fortifies the false ego. When we don’t have them, it can feed a feeling of “less than” that negatively fortifies the false ego. With shame and pride as opposing polarities on an egoic continuum, there is a Divine middle ground: humility. Humility is acceptance of what is. Humility serves from a place of love, without expectation or resistance. Humility is the master key to unlock the bondage of the ego.

As a former prisoner of my own conditioning, I have learned through my experience that a life of joy and inner freedom is not only possible, it’s our natural state. But it gets hidden by ingrained unconscious beliefs. And while I haven’t mastered the art of inner freedom, I no longer sacrifice myself to the old habitual mental-emotional reaction patterns. Instead I witness these patterns, and through the space created by witnessing, I’ve found the freedom to make different choices. And I’ve learned through experience that choices aligned with service, gratitude, humility and faith are the core nutrients that provide for the joy of inner freedom.