Music: Maya Solovey’s Forte, by Rishi Gerald

At this time of year, it’s easy to find blooming, beauty, fullness and abundance in a garden; however, to find them in a recording is rare. So when I discovered Maya Solovey’s new upcoming record, scheduled for release June 19, I stopped what I was doing to proverbially smell the roses and I have been have been in this sonically delightful garden ever since.

If you believe that the vibration of our reality can be transmitted through sound then you will understand why Forte, Maya’s new record, is so lovely and lovable. Not only does this independent release sound like a massive major label production, this record is also full of vitality, playfulness, and most importantly love.

One might expect a big sound from multi-Grammy-winning producer Bob Brockman whose production credits include Notorious BIG, Christina Aguilera and Bob Dylan. However, those recordings lack one thing that Forte has: love. The romantic relationship that Bob and Maya openly share is all over this record and believe me, it is contagious. The love that is communicated through this record is abundant. For example, the romantic sounds of the grand piano, the rolling drums, and cinematic orchestration in the single “Bigger Man” as Maya intimately sings about the courage of being in love is a true testament to love. All the other tracks on this record are equally tantalizing and potent.

Forte demonstrates an artist who has come into bloom. There is a maturity and fullness on this record that can only come from years of cultivation, grooming and a willingness to grow. It takes maturity for a songwriter to share writing credits. Not only does Maya share in the writing credits, she leads off with a catchy, fun and playful song about the innocence of love. The track is called “Ring Ring Ring”, it is written by Eric Maltz and Forte is better off for having this song on the record. It is a lovely and playful number about the possibilities of young love. The song ends with the following words “We are young, and we are planting time”. What could have more possibility than that?

All the songs stand perfectly on their own as well as a collection of six excellent recordings. Forte is a powerful, tender, delicate, soulful, intimate and a masterful act of love where the listener is taken on a magical journey witnessing the unfolding.

This record is Americana folk/pop at its finest. It is finely crafted and magnificently produced. The record showcases Maya Solovey’s forte as a singer and songwriter. If you like soulful, cinematic, mature folk/pop, then this should be your next purchase. If you like Josh Rouse, Aimee Mann, Ray LaMontagne and Nick Drake you will unquestionably love Maya Solovey’s Forte.

You are going to have to wait until June 19th for the full record. However, if you click on the following link you can download the first single “Bigger Man” for free. Even at 99 cents the track is a bargain. But don’t just take my word for it; go discover a new artist in full bloom.


Rishi Gerald is the CEO of Kupid’s Play Records. He describes Kupid’s Play like this: “Kupid’s Play is the Sound of the I Am Revolution. As an international record label devoted to raising global consciousness we bring awakened artists to the commercial mainstream. Our vision extends beyond a traditional record label. We know impossibilities are not real and build non-traditional revenue models by embracing new technologies in the current economic landscape. We know music is everywhere. Kupid’s Play actively seeks out creative opportunities to get its artists’ music to their fans in new ways ensuring that the Sound of the I Am Revolution is heard.” With two decades of experience in the music industry, Rishi has been nominated for numerous marketing awards and earned a Gold Record in the music industry for management.