Wellness: Opening to Abundance with Essential Oils, by Victoria Anisman-Reiner

If you’ve had any past experience with aromatherapy, you may already know that essential oils work on physical, spiritual and energetic levels. These plant essences, with their delicate perfumes, have an ancient history as medicine. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Native American tribes, essential oils have been revered and treasured around the world for the healing impact they have on body, mind and soul.

The most potent essential oils can do more than relieve an upset stomach or take away a headache – although they do that, too. They also have the ability to open windows in the heart and mind that allow us to feel more expansive, more loving, and more abundant.

Abundance of All Kinds

My favourite online dictionary, Dictionary.com, defines abundance as:

a Β· bund Β· dance (noun)

  1. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply.
  2. overflowing fullness.
  3. affluence; wealth.

Overflowing fullness is a pretty perfect description of spiritual and emotional abundance. Even people who seek material wealth and affluence are usually searching for the same feeling of fullness in their hearts and minds.

As much as it might seem to come from sources and pleasures outside ourselves, true abundance is a source of emotional nourishment. What’s more, the sense of wholeness and receptivity that internal abundance creates is the most reliable way to bring wealth, friends, business success, and other outward benefits into your life. This principle is usually called “the law of attraction.”

Whether you’re hoping to attract physical wealth, a boom in your business, a new romantic partner, or the sense that all is right in your world – or, maybe, all of the above – the key is to be open to abundance and willing to feel its richness in your life. Essential oils are a beautiful tool that can help on the journey by inspiring and enhancing your feelings of receptivity, joy and prosperity.

Welcoming Abundance into Your Life with Essential Oils

In addition to their beautiful aroma, essential oils carry an energetic charge. Some essential oils are soothing, while others inspire feelings of prosperity and attraction. These oils can be used to enhance almost any abundance practice.

One of the best ways to use essential oils is in meditation and ritual. Whatever your usual practice might be, a drop or two of essential oil on your tools or diffused into your environment will enhance and further meditation and intentions. Cold-air diffusers are a great way to go, since they emit the essential oils into the air without burning or damaging them.

It’s also possible to use essential oils on the body like an energetically-charged perfume. A drop of patchouli or myrrh on your pulse points serves as a powerful abundance magnet that can inspire confidence while drawing good things into your life. You’ll also smell great!

Choosing Essential Oils for Abundance

Which essential oils are best for abundance? Any aroma that makes you feel more expansive can help instill a spirit of abundance, but some essential oils have an especially powerful connection to prosperity, such as:

  • Cedarwood
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Frankincense
  • Ginger
  • Jasmine
  • Myrrh
  • Orange
  • Patchouli

Always select an essential oil whose fragrance makes you feel uplifted, energized and well. Choose your favourite, or combine two or more for a blend of essential oils that will help you rediscover your most open, receptive, generous, loving self.

Victoria Anisman-Reiner is a freelance writer who specializes in copywriting for holistic health professionals. With a background in natural health that began in early childhood, she has trained in Energy Medicine, EFT, dowsing, and is a certified clinical aromatherapist. Today, Victoria works from her home office in Toronto to help therapists and wellness practitioners communicate the heart and soul of their work and promote their services. Her website is TheNaturalWriter.com.