Film: Where Does Your Drive Come From? “John Carter” by Emmanuel Lopez

In March, I experienced an unusual surge of energy and was extremely productive as I used to be in my first business as an illustrator. I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary to increase my drive so I liked to believe it came from the full moon or the high solar flare activity in the news at that time.

Whatever was fueling my drive I welcomed it! I actually loved stirring my imagination that the solar flare activity was sending solar storms to Earth to energize my body and mind. I imagined I was a battery and the sun was recharging me on such a high level! And the photos I’ve seen of the solar flares are amazing. See more on current increase of solar flares and photos: Click here

John Carter (2012)

The science fiction movie John Carteris based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs series of novels about a former American Civil War captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) who is mysteriously transported to Mars known as Barsoom by the inhabitants. Carter encounters all kinds of exotic species and cultures and discovers he has increased strength and the ability to jump extreme distances.

Seeing Carter use his new jumping powers was so much fun. This movie magically transported me as well to an entertaining world for two hours. There’s also a romantic story here! And though this film reminded a lot of Star Wars and Avatar I knew it was because the John Carter books inspired these movies in the first place. James Cameron, who wrote and directed Avatar, has said his film was inspired by Burroughs’ John Carter books. His drive came from stories written 100 years ago!

Passion for movies, books or even a dream or goal can fuel one’s drive AND positive emotional energy. What drives you? Where does your drive come from? Identifying the source can help you remember key resources that can increase your drive when you feel lost or stuck. Remember your resources and then you’ll recharge your batteries and move forward with enthusiasm AND confidence!

Emmanuel Lopez

Featured in The NEW YORK TIMES, The WASHINGTON POST and The TORONTO STAR. Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Movie Blogger and an award-winning illustrator. THE WASHINGTON POST has featured his blog, Movies That Motivate for its motivational tips and inspiring movie examples. Emmanuel helps individuals increase PASSION and build optimistic mindsets through articles in ZOOMER MAGAZINE, EXAMINER.COM and empowering keynotes and seminars at organizations such as TD Canada Trust, Ontario Ministry of Finance, The Art Institute of Boston and Royal Ontario Museum. For info on booking keynotes and seminars