Fitness: Lightness of Being, by Sandra O’Brien

The warmer weather for me always starts a change in my eating habits. In cooler temperatures,  I love a great bowl of hot soup loaded with tons of veggies and quinoa. I truly could live off soup when it’s cold outside. The change in season brings with it not only the heat but a change in what I like to eat. This is a time to lighten up my meals. I crave leafy greens, cucumber, grated Kohlrabi, radishes, and grilled zucchini – anything quick to prepare, and easily digested. Even my water intake increases and the amount of lemon I put in it skyrockets along with the temperatures. Foods that are heavy and dense just don’t have the same appeal as they do in colder months. We naturally require more water in warmer weather, and these foods also have a higher water content than breads, meats, and beans do. Eating lighter, water rich foods aid in staying hydrated which assists not only fat loss, but energy levels, release of toxins and brain function.

Seasonal changes also affect my workouts. I tend to get outside more which is hopefully true for most of us. Especially in the northern hemisphere we are in need of getting Vitamin D and nothing better than feeling the beautiful heat of the sun naturally to do so. My daily walks become longer. I even take my weekly workouts outside. Many like to run and even though I am not a huge fan, I do run a short 5k a few times a week. Workouts are typically shorter in the warmer months. The risk of overheating is very real when the humidity is high. It is important to move daily to stay looking and feeling young.

One of my favorite ways to move daily is in this video. I do one or two rounds of this depending on how much time I have before I go on a 20 to 60 minute walk depending on what else is going on in my day.

Many people have the mentality that there is no benefit to working out unless they can spend an hour at the gym. This is just not true. Everything you do to move your body, goes towards lubricating your joints, circulating blood through your system, keeping your brain sharp, your skin clear, energy levels up and releasing toxins. Stop being so hard on yourself when it comes to your body. Bring the mentality of flow into your daily workouts and adopt the lighter mindset that you are doing very well with whatever it is you are doing. Staying active doesn’t need to be a mental or physical battle to stay lean, healthy and vibrant. Creating an attitude which is loving and light in all areas of your life, will create many beneficial changes in not only your health but stress levels as well.

Be well and have an awesome month,

Sandra O’Brien

Sandra O'BrienSandra O’Brien is mother to the world’s three most fabulous children. She is also a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Reiki healer. She is creator of the Bootcamp Goddess system, a female fitness program to blowtorch body fat, sculpt sexy lean muscle and empower women everywhere to be the best version of themselves, inside and out. She enjoys the ocean, fire walking, reading, long walks, meditation, men in linen shirts and a full moon.