Fitness: Having Fun With Summer Workouts, Part 2, by Sandra O’Brien

Many of the activities I mentioned in Part 1 can also be done at the cottage, of course. However, most cottages have the benefit of being equipped with large bodies of water, floating docks, kayaks, rowboats, tubes and canoes which make it seem as though you are not working out at all, you are just enjoying the great outdoors while playing. That’s the very best physical activity you can get if you ask me. You can take out the canoe or kayak for a tour down the river or across the lake, have races to the dock and back, perform spectacular cannon balls into the lake for hours with the goal of making the largest, smallest , loudest or quietest splash. Let your imagination run wild with ways to enjoy the great outdoors while staying active. You can partner up and have wheel barrel races, bear crawls, leap frog, even burpee races with family members and friends who are visiting. If you are a runner, just the change in scenery, running along the dirt road and the energy from the forest will transform your run into something spectacular.

The simple act of moving your indoor regular body weight workout outside, will put a new spin on it as you enjoy the fresh air, the heat of the sun and beautiful scenery. Being open to change is a key to making life fun.

You may be thinking these games and activities are just for the kids, I say if you are young at heart you can be 91 and still partake and have a ton of fun.

Staying hydrated is key in the heat. There is nothing fun about dehydration and it can be very serious. You will want to drink more than the standard three litres a day in warmer weather. Always travel with water in your car, the court, the boat, never leave home without your water bottle especially in the summer months.

The summer is a time of creating beautiful and long lasting memories. Memories of great conversations and hours of laughter with friends and family. Sharing playful and fun activities with others will not only create lasting memories but create and solidify bonds that will last a lifetime. May you create many memories playing in nature’s beauty this summer and top it off with a cold beverage on the dock as the sun goes down. Until next month, sending you love and light.

Sandra O'BrienSandra O’Brien is mother to the world’s three most fabulous children. She is also a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Reiki healer. She is creator of the Bootcamp Goddess system, a female fitness program to blowtorch body fat, sculpt sexy lean muscle and empower women everywhere to be the best version of themselves, inside and out. She enjoys the ocean, fire walking, reading, long walks, meditation, men in linen shirts and a full moon.