Fashion: Prana Clothing, by Parvati Devi

As I have been traveling through the US promoting my new album and show “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub”, I have been to many yoga studios, some of which carry apparel by a company called Prana.

My first exposure to Prana was when I was headlining the St Petersburg Yoga Festival October 2011. One of the yoga teachers who volunteered to dance in my show came to a rehearsal wearing Prana yoga pants. I loved them and immediately mail ordered them. In this article I would like to give the company Prana a shout out, to promote their fine work.

“prAna, an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality of the spirit, has helped guide our actions and lift our aspirations since day one.”

Prana started in 1992, making clothing for climbing and yoga. With modest beginnings, the devoted entrepreneurs cut and sewed clothing in their garage, shipping product to happy customers in surplus fruit boxes gathered from the local grocery store. Hangtags were ground up old newspapers cut out with a pizza cutter.

True to its humble beginnings, the company participates with like-minded businesses who want to promote conservation and create positive change, such as supporting the use of organic cotton, fair trade and wind power initiatives.

Prana has built a reputation for marrying practical designs with contemporary style, emphasizing a unique color palette and athletic fits. They say: “Our love of nature and the preservation to keep it healthy inspires us to create product that reduces environmental harm and supports the people making it. prAna uses the term environmentally conscious for our materials when they have a reduced environmental harm compared to other materials. For example, lower impact might mean less energy to produce a fiber as in recycled polyester and organic cotton reduces the amount of pesticides then regular cotton. Understanding the full impact of a fiber from its origin, to its processing, to its finishing is a large task. We are committed to understanding the full impact of our products and seeking out solutions that are more sustainable. We see this journey as a never ending learning experience – for what is sustainable today may not be sustainable in the future.

Prana also participates in the following organizations that support sustainable practices:

Check out for great sustainable apparel.

Parvati Devi is the editor-in-chief of Parvati Magazine. In addition to beingย an internationally acclaimed Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and performer, she is a yoga teacher and holistic educator, having studied yoga and meditation since 1987, andย developed her own yoga teaching style calledย YEMโ„ข: Yoga as Energy Medicine. Her current shows, โ€œYIN: Yoga in the Nightclubโ€ and โ€œNatambaโ€, bring forward a conscious energy into the pop mainstream.