Letter from the Editor: Back to Work, Back to School, by Pranada Devi

As this issue of the magazine goes to press, it is Labour Day weekend and the summer’s heat continues. But the nights have been getting cooler, and the last summery long weekend of 2012 will soon be in the past. Many people have been fitting in their last summer vacation days before school and work begin again in earnest.

As for the editorial staff of Parvati Magazine, our editor-in-chief Parvati has left for the second phase of her North American tour, along with her agent (and our music columnist) Rishi. Sunanda is in India receiving the teachings of her Guru. I’m here in Toronto, having helped send off Parvati and Rishi with new costumes and set pieces, and am digging back into my regular tasks. So all of us are back to work or school in our own way.

We have the choice, when we go back to school or work, to do things differently this time around, or to fall into old patterns. We have the choice to make the most of this new beginning, or to be a passive bystander in our own life. These choices will determine whether we make things work, or we get schooled.

This month’s articles offer you ways to make the most of your back to school or back to work time, as well as to support others (including children) in their transition back to school.





Pranada Devi is aย communications professional living in Toronto, Canada. She is the Managing Editor of Parvati Magazine. She serves as an advisor on marketing communications for Parvatiโ€™s various projects.