Beauty: Egg On My Face, by Kristen Ma

I have not been sleeping well lately. I think it’s the Vata time of year. Vata is the air element which governs movement in and around our bodies, propelling change and activity. Summer moving into fall is a time of change and transition, and during this time we will have a tendency to feel stimulated, restless, and possibly overwhelmed.

Well, my skin has exhibited this accurately as it has been looking tired. Today – as it’s my day off and I’m feeling in need of some rejuvenation, what better way pamper myself than to do a home-made mask?

As a self-proclaimed beauty aficionado, I feel that it’s my duty to experiment in the kitchen with fresh ingredients and easy-to-do treatments. Despite my husband getting confused as to why I have a litre of apple cider vinegar at the side of the bathtub (hair rinse) and even more perplexed with the sesame seed oil next to my toothbrush (oil gargling), my experiment has unveiled some very interesting discoveries.

So, feeling a bit like an unmade bed of a person, I pump up Eurythmics and look around to see what I have in my fridge.

Avocados? Too messy for today.

Bananas? Didn’t really see any results last time.

Eggs? Perfect!

It’s decided – I will do an ‘Egg White Mask.’ Egg whites are full of protein and also contain Lysozyme which has been known to digest bacterial cell walls. Marry this with its fantastic oil-absorbing properties, and it makes the perfect little skin pack.

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Crack an egg into a bowl separating out the yolk. One of the best things about this DIY mask is that you feel good knowing it’s fresh, preservative-free, and all-natural!
2. Apply egg white onto your skin. You will find that one egg is more than enough to do your face, neck, and decolletage.
3. Wait. Sweet dreams are made of this – doo -doo -doo.

Now, you can’t do much while you have this mask on. While I usually like to multi-task—leaving masks on while I work, clean, and cook—this mask is so tightening that it feels like you are on a rollercoaster ride, having the wind suctioning at your skin. You can’t move your facial muscles, impeding the ability to speak, taste or wince at all with it on.

The egg whites will dry clear, and it will look like you have plastic wrap on your skin. You will know it is done when there is no trace of wetness on the surface (in about 15 minutes after the application). I advise to wash it off in the shower so you can be thorough as it takes a few rinses to remove. After the treatment, my skin felt so much smoother and my pores appeared tighter. The tiredness in my complexion was relieved and my skin seemed more hydrated as well.

Now, I have read reviews in which people claim that this mask erased their wrinkles and diminished their pores. I definitely won’t say it’s that effective. It is a mask which only treats the superficial layers of our skin. But, for pennies per application and the no-fuss freshness, I certainly don’t mind ending up with egg on my face.

Kristen Ma is the co-owner of Pure + Simple Inc., a group of Holistic Spas with its own line of Natural Skincare and Mineral Make-up.  She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner who has studied in Canada, the United States and India.  She is also a Certified Esthetician with eight years of practical experience, having worked in Canada as well as Australia.  Most recently, Kristen has authored “Beauty: Pure + Simple” which was published by Mc Arthur and Company.  Kristen has written on the subject of Holistic Beauty for Vitality Magazine, Blink and Jasmine.  She is also a regular contributor to B Magazine, Tonic and Sweat Equity Magazine. She blogs regularly at Holistic Vanity.