From The Editor: Masks, by Pranada Devi

As this issue of Parvati Magazine goes live, Halloween treats are starting to show up in stores. Children (and some adults!) all over North America look forward to an opportunity to dress up as something they’re not, and receive a sugary reward. But actually, many of us are wearing masks every hour of every day, pretending to be someone we’re not in order to receive the reward of approval or the apparent security of fitting in.

In this issue of Parvati Magazine, our columnists explore the masks we present to ourselves and each other, as well as the masks that corporations and popular culture can wear to gain our approval. This month’s columns include help in learning to see past the masks that others wear, and to let go of the masks we ourselves are wearing.

Halloween is the nickname of the original “All Hallows Eve”, the night before All Souls Day. As the sun rises on All Souls Day, the masks have been set aside. This month, may the sun rise on our unmasked selves: all soul!



Pranada Devi is a communications professional living in Toronto, Canada. She is the Managing Editor of Parvati Magazine, and serves as an advisor on marketing communications for Parvati’s various projects.