Music: The Beginnings of Devotronic Music, by Tazdeen Rashid

I was in India at the Oneness University doing a trance dance session in a group setting, where we were chanting an affirmation, “I am love”, and dancing for 49 minutes. As I was chanting and dancing, some strong electronic beats came up in the music set and planted the idea of creating devotional dance music. For me, this was the beginning of seeking and searching for more dance music planted with mantras, affirmations, spiritual messages, or any type of chanting which will create a sense of deeper connection and devotion to the Divine. In the process of Japa yoga, where I was chanting, I saw I had the opportunity to quiet my mind, and the more ecstatic I became with my dancing and chanting together, I could physically feel spiritual energy, pulsing, tingling, and completely taking over my body almost to the point of shaking involuntarily. Some said it was my kundalini energy rising. Regardless of what it was, it felt great.

My vision is to create a club-like atmosphere with strong intention of consciousness and spirit-infused parties with altars, sacred geometry, healers, live artists, performances and DJs playing high energy positive music. There would also be an intention to keep the parties drug and alcohol free as all ages are welcomed, and with the atmosphere and the people expanding in the collective party consciousness, there would be no need for any substances to get high because the individual would be naturally high off the energy.

We have started this party/celebration in Chicago calling it Club Divine, hosted by myself (DJ Taz) and my friends and partners from many spiritual communities of Chicago. The intention is to have the music of the genre known as Devotronic playing at parties such as this, allowing it to create a space of a dance-meditation-like trance for individuals leaving the party feeling like they have shifted in consciousness to a grander, more expanded self without the use of any intoxicants. The host DJ collective of Club Divine is Earth Beat Sound System, made up of myself, and DJ Shannon Harris. Here is a recording of the collective from Bhakti Fest 2012. Our sound changes every time, as we invite live musicians and hand percussions with the DJ sets.

Something is happening here. You can feel it in the room when you come in and when you leave. The human species right now is shifting in consciousness, and spaces to hold groups to celebrate each other are also evolving along with our consciousness. Music is becoming more intentional across the board. Here is an opportunity for us to come together and experience an inner ritual, and through that process group alchemy is possible. Our next celebration is December 28th, 2012 as a pre-New Year’s Eve party, and Toronto-based electronic kirtan artist Parvati will be joining us along with many healers, artists, and other performances. See you on the cosmic dance floor. Love and blessings.

Taz Rashid (DJ TAZ) brings a high vibrational energy to any room instantly by mixing the beats and rhythms of Love, Ancient New World, House, Tribal, Nu Jazz/Disco, Funk, Classic Remixes and all the cosmic sounds. His vision is to be a channel to cause the expansion of all those around by tapping into the creative wisdom of the body and allowing them to feel, let go and awaken.

He has been producing and part of creating conscious events in Chicago, IL and California over the last few years and as a musician, he plays guitar, keyboard, Native American Flute, didgeridoo and hand percussion.  He takes these instruments and connects to the Divine and what comes through has the ability to move his crowd to connect to their Divine higher selves. For more info: