Wellness: Prana Retreats, by Ella Isakov

Reconnect. Restore. Reintegrate:

Yoga retreats are becoming a perfect getaway, whether local or overseas. People enjoy the escape from the everyday life. Along with yoga, healthier and more holistic living has been on a rise as people see the importance of living a well-balanced life for their body and mind.

The Canadian company Prana Retreats infuses yoga, raw food and nature in a perfect getaway from city life in weekend retreats near Ontario’s scenic Georgian Bay. Along with yoga and raw food, there is an opportunity to learn about meditation and leading a mindful life. Education on the benefits of integrating raw food in daily life and recipes of weekend meals are also provided.


Along with planting a seed of wellness with raw food, Prana Retreats offers unique, one of a kind retreats to detoxify and aid in healing from disease.
Ella Isakov, a yoga instructor, yoga therapist and creator of Prana Retreats, saw a need for these type of retreats when dealing with her own personal health issue, and taking time to research healing foods and eventually getting trained in healing with raw foods. As Ella became empowered in her own healing, her intention was to help empower others to take their health into their own hands and lead a healthier day to day life.

Type of retreats offered:
* Raw Food Retreats – Raw food and yoga infused weekends to experience and learn about raw food and feel its benefits
* Detoxifying Retreats – Integrating fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices with yoga to enhance the detoxification process and give the digestion a chance to rest.
* Healing Retreats – Specific retreats for people living with obesity, Cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, that include yoga, raw food and education on ways to lead a healthier day-to-day life with specific ingredients that will aid in health and energy to live life to the fullest
* Individual consultation healing with raw and whole foods

All retreats are primarily raw food and include yoga, meditation and education on the ingredients used and their health benefits. Β Most importantly, it is an opportunity to heal from the inside out, and take a few days to be amongst nature and restore body, mind and soul.

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Upcoming scheduled Prana Retreats:
January 25 – 27, 2013 – Raw Food Retreat
March 29 – 31, 2013 – Detoxification Retreat
Date to be announced for summer Raw Food Retreat

For more information on upcoming Prana Retreats check out www.yoginipath.com.

Ella is an inspiring humanitarian, yoga instructor, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and a certified raw food chef in Toronto. She was in the education and fitness industry when she found Ashtanga yoga in 2005, and shifted careers in 2009. She has always led a health-conscious life, but upon discovering a health concern in her own life, she did the research and began to make necessary changes that included juicing, raw food, and incorporating superfoods, seeing the healing powers of whole foods. Ella established Prana Retreats to share her knowledge of raw food by holding raw food yoga retreats, with a dream to hold retreats that cater to individual health needs.
Ella believes her yoga journey started long before she did her first downward dog, bringing a global perspective and life experiences into all her endeavours. Her passion and purpose has always been to inspire others along their path towards a holistic lifestyle. As a yogini and former school teacher, she founded Stellar Kids Yoga, bringing yoga to more schools and homes, with the goal to reach communities where kids’ yoga is not easily accessible and to provide retreats for children, families and teens.