Fashion: The Joy of Designing, by Renia Pruchnicki

According to, the definition of “joy” is: “The emotion of great delight or happiness by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation: She felt the joy of seeing her son’s successes.” When I put the two words “joy” and “fashion” together, two vantage points pop into my head. The first one is the joy of being a consumer of fashion.  The second is that of being a designer of fashion.

We all know the feeling of satisfaction we get when we find that amazing dress or those perfect pair of jeans that fits us just right. If you happen to have found these gems on sale, even better! Choosing our wardrobe is an outward expression of who we are. And, the month that you wear these fashionable expressions plays a key part. May, for example, is a special month for those who live in places like Canada, where we have been hibernating during the winter months. Flowers and buds start making their appearance. It feels fantastic to walk outside for the first time in months without a jacket! (And if you are blessed to live in an area where you have warm temperatures all year round, you’ll just have to use your imagination.) You can see it in people’s faces, that “smile for no reason” as they joyfully walk down the street. The latest flats hug women’s feet, with newly polished toenails exposed. And of course, let’s not forget about those matching fingernails. The colour of nail paint itself plays and important role in fashion. Fashion, being an external thing outside of ourselves, is a vehicle for us to express the joy we have inside. We must be conscious to not fall into the trap that these fashionable things that we purchase bring us the joy that we seek, rather they are reflections of the joy that we feel.

As a designer, the feeling of joy is easy to pinpoint. It’s that feeling I get when I have finally nailed a design, whether it be a product, a textile pattern or a page on my website. It’s the instant feeling of knowing. That feeling that makes you want to do a happy dance. The feeling of “yes, this is it… and I can’t wait to share this with others”. There’s nothing like it.

So for these reasons, I know that in May and June, many of you will be smiling. I know I will!

Renia PruchnickiRenia Pruchnicki is the owner of a company called Truth where she designs a line of vegan fashion accessories made in Canada. She also works as a designer of soft-sided coolers and lunch carriers for a Canadian company called California Innovations.