Fitness: Getting Back to Joy, by Sandra O’Brien

There are times in all of our lives that feeling truly joyful can seem an uphill battle. We get lost in the day-to-day events that take us away from our goals, desires and true knowing. Times can come when even though we know in our heart of hearts that our joy can be fulfilled, it can appear that our desires will never come to be. These are the times when it is best to stop and go within.

Perhaps it’s the last ten pounds you are struggling to release, or it is your goal to knock off a min or two on your 10k run time. You are stuck and have lost your passion for things once enjoyed. I have found the times I am feeling blah and unaccepting of my body, it’s crossed over to other areas of my life. Not a joyful place to be.

I have had my fair share of dark moments this lifetime. Moments, sometimes days, of sadness, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. Thankfully, over the years, and blessed with many opportunities to flow through such moments, I have learned a thing or two about how to come out the other side and shine brighter than before. I have found a way to experience calm, when the world “appeared” to be falling apart at its very core.

Here are a few tips which have helped me move into a state of joy:

  1. Nothing lasts forever. Everyone, has ups and downs, and this is merely your time to be down. Cut yourself some slack, you deserve it.
  2. Have a pity party by yourself, for yourself. Yes, it is not only ok to feel your sadness or disappointment, but healthy. Have a few cookies, crawl into bed and wallow in your sadness. Enjoy your party for a day or two. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with it honey. Life awaits you. You are not on the planet to play any way other than Large!
  3. Eat single-ingredient real food, once you are over your pity party indulgences. This is not the time to scarf down a bag of processed anything, or eat an entire pizza, or a six pack of beer. When we are sad or stressed our bodies work best eating whole foods to support our cells and balance hormones. Sad stressful states create acid in the body and energetically we are vibrating lower than normal. Eating processed foods will just give your body more to deal with. Eating foods that vibrate at a higher frequency will support you in moving through your funk.
  4.  Get off the couch! Activity will switch your energy and focus into being in the now. Dance, lift weights, go for a long run, skip, go to the park and play on the swings, spend time with young children and be child like. Do anything that allows you to feel powerful, and peaceful. Get lost in a variety of classical music that uplifts your soul while you walk in nature.

Life is too short to be anything but joyful. Love and respect your body. Love and respect yourself. You are deserve to have it all. Create it starting today.


Sandra O’Brien is mother to the world’s three most fabulous children. She is also a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Personal Trainer, yoga instructor, published author and Reiki healer. Her work has been featured on CityLine Television, and The Toronto Star. She is owner of Muskoka Hot Yoga, and Muskoka Goddess, offering hot yoga, tabata bootcamps, personal training and coaching. She created the Goddess Creation system, a female fitness program to blowtorch body fat, sculpt sexy lean muscle and empower women everywhere to be the best version of themselves, inside and out. She enjoys the ocean, fire walking, dancing, reading, hiking in the forest, meditation, men in linen shirts with integrity who can make me laugh, sunsets and a full moon.