Letter from the Editor: Joy


Welcome to the Joy issue of Parvati Magazine. As it goes live, late spring is becoming all the more summery in Toronto, and many people shed their jackets and run and play outside with real delight.

It hasn’t been all joyful in the world lately. The governments of Toronto and Canada are both dealing with scandals which I will not rehash here, except to say that I don’t believe someone living their joy would be likely to act in an adharmic manner (such as by abusing drugs, speaking ill of others, or misusing public funds). An EF-5 tornado has just raked across Moore, Oklahoma, destroying homes and schools and lives. Three young women in Ohio are recovering from a decade of unspeakable abuse and confinement.

We offer you with this month’s issue the opportunity to reconnect with joy, even after trauma.

The keener observers among you may have noticed that this month’s issue went live a little later than normal. There is an exciting reason for this. Parvati and I have learned through bringing forward Parvati Magazine every month that it’s a joy for us to write and edit words that support people’s personal evolution. This month, we have channeled that joy in the production of Parvati’s first book, Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie. The book will be available at the Mind Body Spirit Expo May 24-27 in London, UK and will shortly be available for purchase from the Positive Possibilities Store as well.

Wishing you a month of joy!



Pranada Devi is a communications professional living in Toronto, Canada. She is the Managing Editor of Parvati Magazine, and serves as an advisor on marketing communications for Parvati’s various projects.