Business: Feasting On The Fruits of Your Harvest, by Rishi Deva

Most companies aspire to reap a good harvest from the work they do. The prospect of that harvest is what keeps entrepreneurs inspired and staff motivated. The question that every business asks, or should ask, is what they need to do to ensure they can harvest a bountiful feast as the culmination of their work.

There is no doubt that a good harvest comes from experience. An experienced farmer knows how and when to work the land; an experienced executive knows how and when to work their landscape. Timing and experience are crucial to the farmer and the business manager alike. With experience comes the ability to plan. Making realistic plans and working within time are the two biggest factors in planning for success.

For the small business owner, the entrepreneur and the trailblazer, planning can be quite the challenge. How do you plan within time if you are dealing with unknown variables and working on uncharted terrain? It is one of the reasons why 80% of start up business fails within the first five years of operation. I believe that the two biggest factors that lead to businesses closing their doors, without ever harvesting the fruits of their actions, are being under-resourced and under-experienced.

I know from my own experience, at the record label that I run (Kupid’s Play Records), that without a proper marketing plan a project likely will not bear fruit. If I want a musical tour to be successful we need an excellent marketing strategy that works within a realistic time frame and is equally realistically executable.

Seven Steps to a Successful Marketing Plan

On these cold winter days, I am busy writing a marketing plan to support the success of Parvati’s spring and summer 2014 UK tour. A well-executed and profitable music tour may not be your business objective, but the framework I am using to achieve that outcome is useful for all business. If you follow these steps you can create a marketing plan that will help you achieve these goals:

  • Outline your goal. Write down what you wish to achieve. Ask yourself, is it realistic?
  • Describe the steps to get there.
  • List all the resources needed to get you there.
  • Budget the costs to get there.
  • Create the action plan.
  • Put the action steps in time.
  • Execute the action plan.


Gaining mastery in planning takes time and support. If you need help putting together your plan seek advice from your mentor, business advisor, coach or hire an expert to create a plan for you. In addition to Kupid’s Play Records, I also run RishiVision, which specializes in business and marketing plans. Should you wish assistance in creating your business plan, please feel free to contact RishiVision (link is in the bio) and I would be happy to help point you in the right direction so that you too have the opportunity to feast on a bountiful harvest from your work.

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Since 1994, Rishi Gerald, founder and CEO of RishiVision and entrepreneurial coach, has empowered thousands of businesses. Rishi has an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurial studies and a BBA in accounting. He has spent nearly twenty years coaching, consulting, managing and supporting thousands of businesses from new start ups to active global leaders.

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