Wellness: Prayers are Always Answered, by Parvati Devi

Three years ago around this time, a year before I produced my “YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub” album, I was flat on my back in bed, in agony, with a severe spinal injury. I was undergoing a deep spiritual transformation, one that required profound surrender and trust like I had never had before. From that injury, my whole world changed.

In the fall of 2010, I travelled to the North Pole to give the northernmost musical performance ever, to help raise awareness of the melting polar ice. When I was at the top of the world, I did some shamanic healing work on the planet, while the sacred Hindu 1000 names of the Goddess were being chanted – all as a gratitude offering for the benefic bounty of our Mother Earth. Then I quietly prayed with all my heart and said to the planet herself something like, “Mother, I know you are suffering. If there is any way I can help, if I can help alleviate your burden in some way, let me know.” And that was that.

In the ensuing months, I had a very intense time trying to integrate the immensity of suffering I saw in our world. I cried for weeks, not because I was particularly “sad”. I was in shock from what I saw and felt, and I was grieving. My heart was breaking open to a whole new reality.

A couple of months after I returned from the Arctic, that phase of grief started to subside. I thought that my life was going to return to normal and I could resume the musical tour I had put aside for the North Pole journey. But the emotional shift I was experiencing was just the tip of a huge iceberg I had hit up against. What happened next I would never have imagined possible.

I woke up on the morning of March 11, 2011, the day the tsunami devastated Japan, having had a turbulent night riddled with nightmares and feeling shaken to my core. The bones in my pelvis felt thrown out of balance. Out of nowhere, I felt broken and ill. I did not know about the tsunami until a friend told me about it later that day. The news echoed through my soul. I immediately felt that the pain and numbness I was experiencing in my pelvis and legs was connected to the shift in the planet’s tectonic plates in Japan.

This strange numbness increased over the next couple of days. Then suddenly – out of nowhere – mind-altering pain shot through my spine. My mind went blank from sheer trauma. I could not move my spine or my legs at all. My partner, hearing a blood-curdling scream I do not remember, came running. He took me by my arms and tried to carry me, while I was screaming in excruciating pain, to my bed. I would remain there for nearly three months, unable to get up even for the most basic things. Doctors gave a medical diagnosis and asked if I had been in a car accident. I was given a 50-50 chance of walking again, and surgery was recommended for the immense trauma in my lower spine.

In my core, I did not believe that was the way for my healing. So I dove deeply into myself and surrendered to life force (God, Spirit, whatever you want to call it) as I had never done before, working with the subtle realms I knew from my YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine practice and my music.

What followed was a rearranging of everything I knew. On one level, I call the injury “karma fast forward”, where I was challenged to let go of that which no longer served and had to learn to absolutely trust a higher power for everything. When you realize that you may never walk again, may never even do the simplest things that we take for granted, your ego crashes and dies while something else is born.

Four months later, I was walking again. My recovery was considered medically miraculous. I went straight into the studio and outpoured the album “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub” in profound gratitude.

In response to my life changes, and miraculous healing, I have had to adopt new habits that put my physical health at the same level of priority as my spiritual well-being. There is no doubt that before the injury, I overlooked my physical needs and took my physical vitality for granted.

We never know when we will die or when we will get sick. We do know that our true nature is eternal. We can manage our health as best we can, and be willing to see what happens in our life as a perfect teaching for what we need to learn now.

Parvati headshotParvati Devi is the editor-in-chief of Parvati Magazine and an internationally recognized Canadian musician, yogi and new thought leader. As a chart-topping touring musician, Parvati spearheads the Post New-Age musical genre with her independent success hit single “Yoga in the Nightclub” and accompanying show “YIN”. She founded YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine, a powerful yoga method that combines energy work and yoga poses. Her critically acclaimed self-help debut book “Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie – A Revolutionary Life Makeover for the Sincere Spiritual Seeker” is currently in its third edition.

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