Wellness: We Are Here to Experience Everything, by Sophia Zoe

Whenever I’ve had intense emotions and sensations, I have felt alive. Most are obvious events at the extremes of the human experience spectrum: falling in love, reaching a goal, nearly being killed in a collision, a surprise betrayal. Juices flow, the cells are excited, the heart opens wide or contracts tightly, a prayer or a curse is uttered, and a sharp sense of aliveness is felt.

People often say “pinch me” when something unbelievable happens. The pinch they crave is a physical sensation to let them know they are awake and alive. One very easy way for me to connect to the cosmos is to take off my sunglasses. Yes, I feel the sun’s sting, and I might squint and my eyes tear… and I don’t mind for a few minutes because I feel alive. I also let myself get a little sunburnt. I want to know that I’ve been sun-kissed. My hot skin makes me feel connected to the entire galaxy.

I sometimes get annoyed or impatient and I rebel against the barriers we put between the world and ourselves:  sunglasses, sunscreen, shoes, painkillers, sedatives, padding, fences and ropes…so much “protection” from what… life? A little pain reminds us we’re alive.

As a child, it always amazed me that, every summer at Lake Simcoe, we would challenge ourselves to walk on the gravel road barefoot. The first day was impossible – two steps and the flip-flops went back on. The second day, we could take about a dozen steps. By the third day, we could walk all the way to the beach (half a kilometer) in bare feet, without pain or complaint. We felt accomplished, rebellious, connected to the environment and yes, very alive.

In my Greek culture, when tragedy befalls someone, we don’t offer the glib “it was meant to be.” We say “all of it is ours.” Meaning that every possibility is offered to us. We are here to experience everything. All of it is meant to remind us that we are on Earth, alive.

There are plenty of joyous ways to feel alive. They can be experienced individually or with others.

10 Ways To Feel Alive

  • Express your love. Be brave and generous with it.
  • Eat great food. Enjoy it without guilt.
  • Bless your body for letting you feel what it’s going through. Stay connected.
  • Sing. Moving air in an out of you with a melody is cell-stimulating, invigorating.
  • Dance, of course – to connect with your body, with music, with another.
  • Tell a different story. Change perspective, your point of view or the ending.
  • Connect to the Source. However your understand that, do it regularly.
  • Contribute to life. Raise children, chickens or awareness.
  • Fight. Get behind something important. Fight injustice, poverty, your demons.
  • Take care of yourself. Self-care is life-affirming.
  • Engage. Be a friend, coach, mentor or witness. Helping others is exciting.
  • Relate to the planet. Learn her language.
  • Go for it. Let your light shine. Use your talents, find your path.

When working with clients, I know they are benefitting from the energy healing sessions when they report being able to do things they enjoyed previously, as in the above list. When someone is blocked or stuck in memories of painful events, they lose interest in their favourite activities, which gives them a diminishing feeling of being alive. Clearing stress and trauma brings a people back to themselves. They stop repetitive thought patterns and behaviours which do not serve them. They regain the desire to participate more fully in their lives.

In the northern hemisphere, as more spring-like weather approaches, there is always a renewed sense of feeling alive as we all get more vitamin D by spending more time outdoors. From walking to weeding, biking to barbecuing, however you connect to yourself, the environment or with others, I hope you can savour a deeply satisfying feeling of being alive.


sophia bioSophia Zoe is a Toronto-based Energy Therapist with an international practice. Using her intuitive edge and vast toolbox of healing techniques, Sophia facilitates meaningful transformation, empowering people who want to make positive changes for a better life. By connecting to energy fields, Sophia acquires information that allows her to help people and pets around the world. Clients seek help with life transitions, physical health, trauma clearing and elimination of harmful habits. The most common statement made by clients after a course of treatment is: “I didn’t know I could be so happy!”

For more information about Sophia, please visit sophiazoe.com.