Fitness: Your Opportunity to Find Joy, by Sandra O’Brien

Life is a joy or a hardship, depending on your perception and the vibration you put forth. You could spend all day, perhaps a lifetime, finding fault with your spouse, your kids, your boss, your clients, even yourself. Or you can fill each breath, each day with complete joy, and delight. Which way you decide to view things is a moment to moment choice.

I know so many who work out on a regular basis, yet would rather have major surgery than complete a workout. They do it. However they complain about it, from every angle imaginable. They say it’s too much work, it hurts, they get sweaty, it’s boring, takes too much time and they would rather sit on the couch and eat chips. I have always found that funny. If they don’t enjoy it, why do it? Why not find an activity that has similar health benefits that you love doing? No one ever said you had to step foot in a gym and lift weights, or spend an hour, like a hamster in a cage, on a treadmill.

Like life, your workout is overflowing with opportunity to find joy, expansion and ideal health. Whether you find delight or boredom in each workout has more to do with your mindset and attitude, than the actual activity.

So many ways to find delight and excitement in each workout. You could focus on the probable outcome if you didn’t take the time to be physical on a regular basis. You could dwell on what your body and energy levels would look like without ongoing maintenance. Perhaps the dread of having to appear in a bathing suit having not worked out all winter is terrifying to you. Yet that motivates you like nothing else. There is joy to be found in something that inspires you to make positive change. You could decide to put your thoughts on what you will feel like strutting around in your bathing suit, having practised clean eating and regular intense workouts as a lifestyle. Perhaps you notice you are getting stronger, can lift more weight, do more reps, with less fatigue than previously. If dance or yoga is your thing, you can find sheer joy in the flow of your movements. A runner can find sheer delight in the freedom of movement, strength of their legs, and cardio system.

There is delight to be found in slipping into clothing that fits you perfectly and allows your backside to look fabulous. While working out you can notice how strong you feel, how much energy you now have compared to before you committed to a regular practise. You can visualize how delicious you will feel in that new dress you have had your eye on. How great it will feel to buy it in a smaller size. Knowing your joints will be more fluid, less achy, is a great thing. Find pure delight in knowing, with each workout you are moving towards creating the best possible version of yourself. With this brings the possibility of being able to show up larger for those in your life you love. I don’t think anything is more delightful than that!

Sandra O’Brien
 is mother to the world’s three most fabulous children. She is also a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Personal Trainer, yoga instructor, published author and Reiki healer. Her work has been featured on CityLine Television, and The Toronto Star. She is owner of Muskoka Hot Yoga, and Muskoka Goddess, offering hot yoga, tabata bootcamps, personal training and coaching. She created the Goddess Creation system, a female fitness program to blowtorch body fat, sculpt sexy lean muscle and empower women everywhere to be the best version of themselves, inside and out. She enjoys dancing, reading, hiking in the forest, meditation.
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