Wellness/Nutrition: Are Your Mind, Body and Spirit in Balance, by Maha Nasr

Do you feel connected to your body? Are you aware of the messages that your body is continuously sending you? Are you nurturing your body with good food, regular movement and enough sleep? Do you feel that your body is connected to the earth? Do you feel grounded?

Getting too much into your spiritual body and losing connection with your physical body is something that can happen easily when you are working on an important project, thinking of a career shift, or just getting a higher dose of spiritual energy. When you get too much into your spiritual body, you might become unware of or neglect important messages from your physical body such as hunger, pain, tension, or fatigue. Neglecting your body’s needs can compromise your health and leave you feeling stressed and unhappy.

Letting yourself flow with the higher energy vibrations through meditation and visualization is essential for feeding your soul and clearing your mind and can help you get more creative. However if you allow yourself to immerse in it for too long, it can weaken your connection with your physical body and leave you feeling ungrounded.

Reaching a point of equilibrium between the body, mind and soul can be hard. According to your nature, you might find that you tend to give much attention to one on the expense of the other. Even an individual can go through phases of either being too spiritual or overly materialistic and immersed in the physical world.

The truth is that we are energy beings in a physical body. Health, happiness and fulfillment are usually the end result of giving each part of you what it needs in the right amount and at the right time. When you neglect any part of you, you will get into a state of imbalance.

As a holistic nutritionist specializing in weight loss, I find that the balance between the body, mind and spirit in one’s life ensures a long lasting healthy weight and vibrant health and energy. In addition to a targeted nutrition plan that gets to the physical root causes of any underlying health issues, working on the mindset and psycho-spiritual issues can be key for weight release.

Most often my overweight clients have false beliefs and negative thoughts that can be either blocking them from releasing the extra weight or sabotaging their efforts to get slim and healthy. I usually find that when their minds communicates with their bodies, the bodies respond and the results are usually amazing.

On a deeper level, body image or weight issues are usually a reflection of unhealthy attitudes towards their bodies- that are rooted in lack of self-love. Some people use food to numb unwanted feelings such as guilt, shame or anger. They might be covering these feelings with food addictions or unconsciously punishing themselves by depriving their bodies of good food and high quality nutrients. They might also be punishing their bodies for not functioning or looking the way they want and for causing them pain or embarrassment.

The first step towards whole health and happiness is to accept yourself and your body the way they are. Your body is your best friend and ally, not your enemy. After all it has been there for you all your life and has served you well so far, despite your unkindness towards it. Your body has the inner wisdom to heal itself if given the chance to. I always tell my clients that you have the power to heal your body if you give it what the right environment and conditions.

It is also important to take time to meditate and reflect on what’s going on in your life. By doing a daily check with your mind, body and soul, you are sure that any imbalances are dealt with promptly and that you are always in a state of balance, health and happiness.

mahaMaha Nasr, MD, PhD, RHN, CPCC  is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist  and  Certified Cancer Coach with a PhD in oncological medicine. Maha helps women struggling with cancer, weight loss or chronic fatigue regain optimal health. She uses an integrated science-based holistic approach that allows them to move through whatever physical, mental and emotional blocks underlying their health issues and learn to truly nurture and support themselves. Learn more about how she can help you at www.healthyuturn.com.