Yoga: Consequence, the Mighty Goddess, by Ananda Shakti

In Vedic myths of Creation, the Supreme Consciousness, which is beyond experience, wished to experience itself. In consequence, this desire gave birth to the world of form as a means of experience.

The world of form is the visible form of the Supreme Reality, Shakti or the Goddess. She is the kinetic expression, the absolute vehicle of transformation, and the keeper and implementer of the laws of consequence.

Consequence is the first child of the Divine realm of all possibilities. She offers us an infinite treasure trove of gifts in evolution and reflection. It would be foolish to limit such great potential to its most common interpretation: a difficult effect as a result of a previous activity. There is so much more to experience from consequence, so much to be understood about the great Love of Creation from this single reality.

The universe exists because of consequence. Every action creates an action in which lives the consequence. Where you sit at this very moment is a consequence of a moment or moments that happened before. Consequence is the great Creative force of the Cosmos, the Delightful Beauty that is the vehicle of life, and through which we know ourselves and can merge our limited idea of who we are with the Cosmic Self.

Every action creates a result. You are living, breathing, tasting, seeing, smelling, and feeling that consequence right now. If you perceive the Great Delight of consequence, the Goddess of Love and Inspiration in that which manifests as your reality, then it will be possible for you to use the consequences of actions as the Guru principle. This principle is that which carries you from darkness to light and shows you the result of your choices, so you may see which open new pathways and which keep you circling through the same patterns over and over again.

In awakening to the Goddess of Love as consequence, you celebrate her gifts. They are seen as the Celestial Chariot transporting you home to abide in the Self. When the result of action brings great challenge or seeming obstruction, it is wise to re-perceive the Great Delight’s current manifestation as Her love and sweet guidance. The challenges are Her choice of vehicle as Her teaching. Feel the gentleness of Her presence, and listen to Her whispers of love as She dances with you – even if the consequence seems harsh on the surface.

Consequence is the Cosmic Dance with the Divine. Each step of the dancer compels a response from the partner, and calls them into deeper intimacy. Every life experience is a consequence of that which has already been – be it a health issue, a relationship, your career, your parents, your birth country, your hair and skin colour, etc. Each of these is a result of action, thoughts or emotions previously imprinted. Consequence is the cosmic mirror through which you see your strengths and fears.

There is no need to assume that a challenging result is a negative consequence of action. A challenge could also be a gift for hard work done or an opportunity to release something old and binding. The most important thing is to feel Her presence guiding you. Let Her gift of consequence inspire you to take one more step towards freedom of Spirit.

Blessings to your Dance! May Her undulating forms spin you and step you to a place of intimacy where the Great Love that is, is no longer deniable.

anandashaktiA gifted and highly skilled yoga teacher, intuitive, founder of Sananda Yoga and Art of Life Karmic Readings, Ananda Shakti embodies the spirit and energy of a life committed to wholeness and enlightenment. Since 1980, Xenia has devoted her life to the study, training, teaching and living of the timeless wisdoms of creation from ancient times to their new expressions in our modern psyche. She counts many of the great masters, both in India and North America as her mentors and guides.

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