Meditation: Just Sit There, by Amy Pfaelzer

Image credit: Olivier Theraulx

Just sit there right now
Don’t do a thing
Just rest.

For your separation from God,
From love,

Is the hardest work
In this


You are here in this life with a unique gift to share. It is your quest to reveal this light and your purpose to live in such a way that shines that light out to others. This ever-present light is a gift from the Divine and your connection with your soul. It is always there. It has always been there. It is through awareness in each moment that you can stay close to this light and radiate it with love to the world. Meditation is a beautiful and effective tool for keeping this connection strong.

As a personal life coach and yoga and meditation teacher, I speak with many people who feel they have lost this connection. They feel pulled in so many different directions in their daily lives that they feel detached from their core. When life gets hectic, or doesn’t always go according to our plans, it is easy to be left feeling overwhelmed, fearful or sad.  During these times it can feel as though you have lost the connection to the light in your heart, and you may feel abandoned and alone. When you feel disconnected it is easy to get caught up in clever goals and crafty plans for how you think things should look rather than flowing with what the Divine brings to you.

“Our nature as awareness itself is in fact the ultimate holding environment. While we may not always understand our experience and while it may never fit our ideas, hopes, dreams and fantasies about the life we were ‘meant to live’ we can come to trust that it is unfolding according to a unique blueprint which is emerging out of the unseen hand of love.” ~Matt Licata

In the midst of the uncomfortable moments, returning to the meditative mind can reunite you with the light and love within. As painful as your feelings and emotions may seem, when you look at them with pure awareness, you can see that even the pain is guiding you back to the path of the heart.

My dear teacher, Chameli Ardagh, often reminds us that we don’t need to make this all up. I keep one of her quotes hanging on my bulletin board as a reminder not to lose my connection to the larger flow of life. She says,

“So relax a little sister, this is not all up to you.
In fact the more you can let go of your agenda,
breathe a little deeper, loosen the grip a bit, you will begin
to have a taste of a deeper current running through you.”

Each moment, when greeted with meditative presence, has a message for you. When you a slow down, take a breath and call your awareness back into the present moment, you allow space for your feelings to reveal where you may have been pulled off course. By leaning into the emotions and feelings that are here in this moment you allow life to flow again. It is easier to stop resisting and fighting with life when you stay close to the physical sensations of the feelings themselves rather than attaching them to your favorite old stories or worn out dramas. No feeling is ever final, and when you stay present and aware you will see the feelings flow with much more ease and grace. It is from this place of deep awareness that you can tune into the heart, receive inner guidance, and allow things to come to you rather than continually pushing to make things happen.

Remember, you will never be abandoned by the unconditional love of the Divine. The light in your heart is always there, and when you take the time to reconnect with awareness to the meditative mind you will always be shown the way back to love….Always.

Amy ProfileAmy Connor Pfaelzer is a Life Coach and founder of Sanctuary Life Coaching. As a coach, Amy seeks to love, support and guide others as they seek to reconnect with an authentic life lived from the heart. Her coaching is inspired by her work with Awakening Coaching and Awakening Women Institute. Amy is devoted to her practice of feminine spiritual embodiment, yoga and meditation. Amy is a RYT-C yoga teacher and holds a Master’s degree in Education. She is a facilitator of the Radiant Child Yoga Program and leads children’s yoga teacher trainings nationwide. Amy lives in beautiful Dunedin, Florida with her three children. She is available for personal life coaching in person at her office in Clearwater, Florida and to anywhere else in the world by phone or Skype. You can connect with Amy at