Music: Govinda Sky

This month, Parvati Magazine interviewed Jaya Madhava Das of Govinda Sky.

Parvati Magazine: What is your current project?

Jaya Madhava Das: The release of our new CD, Ocean of Mercy. We are very proud of it. It is a departure from our previous album: Surrender, 2007, which was transcendental hip hop (with devotional rap lyrics). Our new CD is more Kirtan influenced, more mantra chants and some english lyrics. This is exciting to us, because we’re gathering a wider audience, and the yoga community is starting to appreciate our music. Our tracks are on many Yoga studio playlists.

PMAG: What inspires your musical/creative process?

JMD: We listen attentively to what new music is out there. The Beatles are probably the biggest influence. They really were experimental, and that’s what we try to be. We don’t want to use a common formula to writing songs.

PMAG: How does awareness influence your music?

JMD: We consider our songs “Bhakti”, pure devotion to the Divine, or in our case, Vishnu. So our lyrics have to represent that.

PMAG: What do you hope your audience takes away from your music?

JMD: We hope it gives them the same feeling they get when they chant or meditate. We hope to open up their hearts with our music.

PMAG: What has been your favorite moment as musicians? What was the most challenging?

JMD: Our favorite moment was recently, when we had a huge crowd at our CD release party. Everyone was dancing, smiling, clapping, simply enjoying! Most challenging thing is searching for some good management, so we can play out more, we want to play the Festivals. It’s a tough business for us “Indie bands”.

PMAG: Who is your favorite musician and why?

JMD: Always a hard question! My personal favorite has to be George Harrison, because of the spirituality in his music. And he is revered among the Vaishnavas (Hare Krishnas) for helping Srila Prabhupada spread Krishna Consciousness.

GS new pic with NameGovinda Sky: Transcendental music for the body & mind

Jaya Madhava Das – Vocals, lyrics, harmonium, shruti box, kartals, percussion, creative director

Trevor Buckingham – Backing vocals, producer, engineer, guitar, bass, keys, djembe

Eddie Kane – Guitar, backing vocals, electric sitar, percussion

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