Yoga: Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire, by Vanessa Tran

Image credit: Alice Popkorn

In Sanskrit, the word yoga means “to add”, “to join”, “to unite”, or “to attach” from the root, a figurative use of “to harness” as in “to put something to some use”. So what if we take our yoga practice off the mat into our lives, to harness, to put it into use, to manifest our heart’s desires? If you want to manifest a healthy body, prosperity, creativity, spirituality, romance, relationships and so on, it will require a daily dedication and devotion to attract these wonderful things into your life, just like your yoga practice on the mat.

As you practice these steps daily, your desires will begin to manifest. It is important to reflect and observe the minor shifts and nuances with an open mind and heart.

  1. Breathe Deeply

Begin by inhaling deep, expanding your lungs, taking in all of the nutritious oxygen to nourish your body and mind. Exhale slowly and completely, pulling the belly in towards the spine, releasing tension and stress, letting go of thoughts and feelings. Continue to inhale deeply and exhale deeply for a few long deep breathes, gently shifting to focus on the area of your heart center. Dwell in this place and find peace.

  1. Declare Your Desires

As you focus on your heart center, prioritize your wishes and let your heart choose three that your heart most desires. Clearly state this desire in a precise and positive statement. (Write it down after the exercise and post it where you will read it daily.) Select a positive and present oriented statement, i.e., something you want to have rather than something you want to get rid of. For example, if my ultimate desire is to lose weight, rather than state “I want to lose weight,” I’d state “I am slender and vibrant”. Also, a wish should not be manipulative of another person. For example, if I want to feel loved, I would state “I want to feel loved and strengthen my connections with my partner” instead of “I want my partner to support me by doing this and that for me so I can feel loved”.

  1. Imagine Your Desire Coming True

Imagine your desire in great detail “as if” it has already occurred, as if you were making an accurate description of the person you are today. Make this image as vivid, colorful, and alive as possible.

  1. Create Time and Space

No matter what you desire, at some point it is going to require some time from you to make it happen. And the only way you are going to find time is to decide that your desire is important – that it is valuable. For example, if you wish to invite romantic love into your life, but you are booked solid from morning to night and you don’t even have time for yourself… romantic love might not show up at your doorstep until you make time for love.

  1. Eliminate Your Obstacles

You need to protect your dreams by removing yourself from all non-supportive influences. For example, if you desire to be healthy, then remove yourself from all toxic substances, temptations, circumstances, and people that throw your psyche and body out of balance.

  1. Let it Go

Release your desire into infinite possibilities. Don’t try to control how, when or where your desire might manifest itself. Release your intention to your Higher Self, God, the Universe or however you imagine existence without limitations. Then, energize your core value as if it completely defined who you are right now. For just a few minutes experience being completely free, joyful, at peace and content.

  1. Trust

Trust that you are worthy of your dreams and desires to come true, that you have done all you need to do and your Higher Self, your subconscious mind, God, the Universe, and the existence of limitless possibilities, will meet you halfway and handle the rest.

Practice these steps a few minutes in the morning when you first awaken, it is an excellent time to do so. This is like dialing into your Higher Power radio channel. It will keep you tuned-in to the things that matter most to you.

Vanessa TranVanessa Tran is a fun and creative being who loves adventures & helping others feel sexy inside and out.  She is a Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher,  and Holistic Nutritionist.  She is based in Ottawa and offers Yoga & Food Therapy offerings online and internationally.

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