The Style Coach, with Wendy Woods

This month, Parvati Magazine interviewed Wendy Woods of The Refinery, a Toronto-based and online personal style coaching service.

Parvati Magazine: What inspired you to start working as a fashion coach?

Wendy Woods: I love helping people feel joy, especially women. There can be so much of it when we’re expressing our true selves to the world and yet style can be used easily as a shaming tool. I really want to change that perspective and help women step into their power.

PMAG: How do you get a sense of appropriate style for people who may not have ever contemplated the idea of looking stylish, or who are looking for a new image after a life change?

WW: I ask a lot of questions! I’ve spent years honing in on the questions to ask to elicit the answers I need.

However, one of my gifts is reading people. There is a lot I am able uncover from asking easy-to-answer questions because of this gift. I read a client’s face and body language in photos. If we’re working in person I also read expressions and can easily tell how certain clothes make a person feel. It’s hard to articulate, but isn’t that the way with true gifts?

PMAG: What has been your favourite client experience so far?

WW: This is like picking a favourite child, I just can’t. Each woman brings something different to the table and each transformation means something special to me. I love connecting, playing and facilitating transformation with each and every woman I work with.

PMAG: Is there an environmental benefit to choosing a style coach?

WW: I want to scream out, “YES! ABSOLUTELY!” but the more truthful answer is it depends. It depends on who you are working with and what the consultants’ ultimate goals are. Here’s how a style coach could have an environmental benefit:

  1. We could come to your house to see what you already own and make very specific recommendations on what you need to buy (if anything!) A minimalist wardrobe is the most environmentally conscious one out there. Less is more!
  1. We can connect you with small designers that align with your personal environmental goals so you can buy clothing and accessories that have the environment at heart.
  1. We can help you consign pieces you’re no longer using which is a wonderful way of reusing what you no longer need and making a little extra money to spend on better quality clothing that will last longer (again reducing consumption).

Wendy Woods bio Personal Style Coach Wendy Woods is fiercely committed to time-starved women who want an effortless sense of style. Her down-to-earth method allows women to feel accepted and understood while creating a personal style that makes them look and feel beautiful.

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