Meditation: The Goal in Life is God-Realization, by Parvati Devi

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My spiritual teacher, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, lovingly known as Amma or the Hugging Saint reminds us of the true purpose of our lives. She says, “The goal in life is God realization. Strive for That!”

But what is God realization?

For many, the notion of God is an elusive force somewhere in the distance, be it a bearded man in the sky, or a mysterious force that is somehow beyond us.

God to me is our true, essential nature (the deeper substratum that we are) and the totality within which we exist (the whole of which we are a part). To realize God is to realize our true nature and our inherent oneness with all of creation.

As we move towards this awakened state of unity consciousness, we learn to let go of the illusions that we project onto this moment. We understand that our ego does its best to maintain a sense of separateness, be it self importance or worthlessness, through these illusions. This fantasy world of the ego is ongoing until we no longer choose to empower it.

When we understand that in each moment life conspires to support our deepest joy and highest purpose, we can let go of the struggle to sustain our ego driven perspective.

Once we stop feeling the need to exert a sense of “me” because we perceive life to be against us, a field of possibility opens up. We begin to see that we are part of a vastly interconnected whole. We never have been divided or alone.

When we fully understand that our highest life purpose is God realization, we see life differently. We let go of the idea that life is happening to “me”. Instead, we see life as a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs, a ripple of ricocheting cause and effects taking place because of our tendencies. Like a little bubble floating inside a fast ocean whole, it seems weightless, illusive, temporal and funny all at once. With this insight, we are humbly willing to soften and receive the perfection of this moment, infinitely full of possibility.

But we are attached to the sorry stories that make up our lives, because we believe they are who we are. It is like identifying with a cloud and in so doing, missing the sun. We may experience cloudy days, but we must not forget the sun. Similarly, as we face challenges and feel that life is against us, we must remember that such are only temporary and will pass. Our true nature is eternal, interconnected and whole.

We trip. We fall. We get caught up in the illusions of life, the stories we create and perpetuate. That is OK. When we see these as our vasana, our tendencies from previous births, we simply see them as such – a tendency, nothing more, nothing less.

As you go about your day today, choose to spend your time wisely. Say “yes!” to your highest purpose to realize the divine in this moment, your divine true nature. In so doing, ask yourself, the following questions:

  1. What sorry story am I attached to?
  2. How does it drain my energy?
  3. Why do I feel attached to it?
  4. What do I feel I gain from being attached to it?
  5. What would my life look like and how would I feel without it?
  6. Am I totally open, ready and willing to let it go?
  7. What perception do I need to shift within myself to let it go?
  8. What practical steps can I take now in order to do so?

Embrace the fullness of this moment and soften beyond your habitual tendencies to see life as against you. If you are truly willing to open to life, you will see life open to you. You may be tempted to stay stuck playing it small because it may appear easier and safer to let life slip by. But at what cost? The cost of your deepest joy and true heart desire?

When you bring your full self into what you are doing right now and free your self from limiting beliefs and hindering habits, you begin to live your highest purpose and deepest joy. Go there.

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