Wellness: Forgiveness and Joy, with the Joy Journal Girls

Forgiveness and joy are two very powerful sources for healing and happiness that are often underestimated and misunderstood.

As coaches and healers, Laura May Culver and Nicole Odelle Morrison, aka The Joy Journal Girls, have spent the last two decades teaching and cultivating joy and forgiveness within clients and within themselves. They have experienced and witnessed countless transformations of healing and celebration from fear-based existence to love-based living.

Do most people desire to experience more joy? More love? Absolutely. Joy is our natural essence; our birthright. We yearn to return to this natural state; it feels like a homecoming.

Joy is a vibration. We as energetic beings can vibrate at many levels. According to Dr. David Hawkins, an American psychiatrist, in his book Power Vs. Force (Hay House Inc, 2002), joy is above 500 on the vibration scale which is a vibrational state above love. Unfortunately, it has eluded many of us for years because we have not understood it.

We experience an array of emotions day to day, however there are two main emotions which are love and fear. All other emotions fall in line behind these leaders within a vibrational matching. When we enter the world we enter as love. It is the I AM, our truth.

Fear, on the other hand, is taught. It is people-made and can be found hidden within tradition and education, shared and taught with good intention. According to Dr. David Hawkins (2002), fear is at the vibrational level of 100 and is very destructive. Fear has been taught over time by some with good intention. Well intended or not, fear is a barrier to our true selves, love and joy.

So how do we connect with our natural state, you may ask? How do we experience more joy? By removing the barriers to it. Those barriers are fearful thoughts and beliefs that we have gathered over time that distract us from the truth. Layers upon layers of doubts, expectations, roles, negative beliefs, and thinking errors that cover up the love that naturally exists within us, that is us.

This is where forgiveness plays a most valuable role to the return to Self, our joy state. The kind of forgiveness that is spoken of here is radical and powerful! This forgiveness understands that anything that is not love is not real.

Fear: people-generated, therefore not real.

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real

We give the fear voice so much credence that one could say that we have given it a pulse of its own. Forgiveness in this sense is looking past the illusion of fear and realizing and remembering that you are not these beliefs, these faulty messages, even the ones you have created for yourself. But instead, you are true love and joy and always were and will be. It is such a liberating experience! An incredible remembering.

The Joy Journal focuses on looking past the illusion of fear and remembering that you are not distorted thoughts, beliefs and faulty messages. Instead, it celebrates and reinforces the truth that you are love and joy. It is such a liberating experience! An incredible remembering. Freedom.

The Joy Journal Girls are very passionate about helping people identify and create more joy in their lives which then brings more joy to those around them. The Joy Journal Movement aims to spread the joy around the world as a Joy Contagion! According to A Course in Miracles, a miracle is any shift in mindset from fear to love and there is no order of difficulty in miracles. Each shift in mindset from fear to love is equally powerful!

Come join the Joy Journal Movement and be a part of creating miracles each and every day.

Together let’s find out how far joy can reach and watch the miracles unfold!

Laura-May-and-NicoleLaura-May Culver exudes enthusiasm and passion in all areas of her life. Founder of Knowself Services~Foundations for Life Coaching and author of The Red Telephone Booth Meditations, Laura-May believes in Angels… and so much more.

Nicole Odelle Morrison is passionate about helping people rediscover how powerful they are as creators and agents of change in all areas of their lives. Nicole is the Founder of inspire Counselling & Therapeutic Services where she assists individuals to clear limiting beliefs and barriers to growth, healing, and self-love through lectures, workshops, and 1:1 sessions.

Together, Laura May and Nicole are The Joy Journal Girls!! They have combined their passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to extend their reach with these valuable teachings and skills so many can benefit. They have created a fun and simple way to learn and practice sophisticated techniques and knowledge so that anyone can thrive at their optimal state of joy and creativity within their businesses, communities, and personal lives. #onemillionjoyjournals info@onemillionjoyjournals.com