Yoga Jeans, with Eric Wazana

Image credit: Yoga Jeans

Parvati Magazine spoke with Eric Wazana, co-founder of the Canadian brand Yoga Jeans.

Parvati Magazine: First question, the title. Why Yoga Jeans?

Eric Wazana: In 2005, we set off to have ‘the’ most comfortable jeans in the world. We figured we would put two words that would never go together – Yoga (flexibility) and Jeans (often restricting). This unexpected pairing is why the trademark board of Canada was reluctant to approve our application. They initially pointed out to our lawyers it was misleading. Following a detailed explanation on Yoga Jeans™ denim, all was understood and approved.

We successfully managed to infuse all our R&D into one jean. The people behind the brand are a group of talented professionals that put technology, insight, good energies, positive karma, and creativity all in one melting pot to bring to market, season after season, a jean that make women feel confident beautiful and at peace

PMAG: What’s different about the fit of your jeans and how did you make that possible?

EW: Yoga Jeans™ denim introduced something unique and fresh to the marketplace in 2005 – when comfortable denim was not mainstream.

Our fabrics are sourced from around the globe to bring to market innovative fabrications without compromising comfort. We continuously have our customers in mind when developing products for them.

We use the best cotton blends and constantly push to infuse technology in our fabrics. We developed poly wrapped yarns for ultimate softness & shine. Our weaving techniques are primarily uniting a four-way diagonal stretch. This allows you to bend, twist and move freely without limitations.

PMAG: In an age when jeans are sewn in China or Bangladesh, you continue to keep making them right here in Canada. What made you go this route and what are the advantages?

EW: We believe strongly in local production and social conscience. We have strived against all odds and despite industry standards to adhere to their principles.

Manufacturing here in Canada allows us more creativity and better quality control, but most importantly, it just feels right.

PMAG: What was the most inspiring experience you’ve had in bringing these jeans to market?

EW: Our mission is “to make women of all ages, body shapes and walks of life feels confident, beautiful and sexy”. That being said, my most inspiring experience would have to be every single time I know Yoga Jeans has accomplished just that.

PMAG: For someone new to your brand, are there any particular jeans you would suggest they start with?

EW: We have styles and washes that cater to women of any body shape, and age. We get to know the customer we are serving and accommodate them with what we feel is the perfect fit for them whether it’s a skinny black jean to make them feel thinner or an indigo bootcut for a leg lengthening effect.

PMAG: What are you most excited about in your fall/winter lookbook?

EW: What is most exciting about the Fall 2015/2016 collection is that it was streamlined to focus on classics with textural detail and transitional style.

Textures such as leather and snakeskin and details such as distressed denim in all the right spots. Every girl wants to add interest to their denim with little details!

Co-founder Eric Wazana’s passion for denim was sparked when he was a kid — a kid who refused to accept the status quo. As a teenager, every year before school started his mom would buy him a new pair of jeans. Eric would immediately start roughing them with sandpaper, making little tears with scraps of Coca-Cola cans to age them. They weren’t right until they were comfortable and vintage-looking.
From these early experiments in distressing emerged Eric’s love for denim and the idea to create a company of his own. His enthusiasm soon spread to his little brother Jacob and before long the two Wazana brothers set out to create the most comfortable jeans in the world.

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