Blissology, with Eoin Finn

Ella Isakov, Yoga Editor: A delight to interview a fellow Canadian, and an inspirational and warm-hearted yoga teacher who shares his message of love and connection in how he leads his life and his Blissology teacher training. His message is clear and beautiful.

Parvati Magazine: You have a deep interest in Eastern Philosophy, yoga and meditation, what is one piece of wisdom that comes from all three that helps guide you on this path?

Eoin Finn: There is a deeper wisdom inside of us that is not based in rationality. It is the source of profound Joy, Love and Bliss. However, stress, fear, anger and worry all interfere with our ability to connect to this place. We can learn skills to free our bodies, minds and hearts from these blocks.

Knowing this side of ourselves gives our life purpose, clarity and joy.

PMAG: You founded “Blissology” and describe a Blissology yoga class to be “a perfect balance between our ego drive and the infinitely kind and wise side of ourselves”, what allows for this balance?

EF: The main ingredient that allows for the balance between Love and Ego Desires is Somatic Awareness. We need to learn to interpret the sensations and feedback from our bodies.

Love feels expansive, warm and light; it reaches out and embraces others. Our tissues soften. The breath is slow, deep and feels nourishing to all the tissues in these times.

Conversely our ego drive feels fiery inside. It makes our tissues in our bellies, chests, forehead and shoulders constrict with tension. When the Ego drive is out of balance there is usually no awareness of the quality of breath and it becomes more short and choppy and isolated in the upper chest.

Many traditions teach a path where we need to crush our Ego in order to feel Love. To me “Egolessness” is not the goal. If we didn’t have an Ego would we even show up on the mat? No. A “Healthy Ego” is the key to a good yoga practice. Hatha Yoga fundamentally asks that we get this balance right.

PMAG: These days people are hungry for a deeper essence of why they are here. How do you weave spirituality into your classes so it is easily understood and people feel they can make a difference in their community?

EF: I’m clear that my ultimate message is that if there is any higher power in this human experience, it’s Love. We need to attune our bodies and minds and hearts to this force by focusing on the light and giving the darkness space.

I try and lead people to an experience of gratitude, presence and awe. I share my process of healing if it means being vulnerable by exposing my own struggles. This creates a space of trust and comfort with the uncomfortable so that we can all really release our blockages.

PMAG: I have been in your yoga class, and witnessed your infectious love, joy and authentic desire for connection. What wisdom can you share that would inspire others to live this life of love and freedom?

EF: Personally, I use the Chakra model a lot. I relax the lower chakras in the belly and feel the spaciousness of my breath. In particular, I like to breathe into my back lower ribs to calm the 3rd chakra energy of those overactive adrenal glands. I soften my forehead and breathe light into my heart space.

The more I get into this space there is a “resonance” that happens between the frequency I am vibrating at and the vibration of others. This makes a space for all others in the room to access that deep heart space.

We need to address the blocks in our heart recognizing that this is normal. We all have them and need to clear them daily. Love is a savage beast that rips you wide open. To say yes to love is to live with a constant mix of bittersweet.

Grief and trauma are keys that open the heart but we aren’t reminded of this often enough. They are the flip side to Love. When we are sad or grieving a loss it is usually motivated by a deep love for someone or some experience. This is Love. This is ultimately what I am most interested in sharing.

Eoin-Finn-bioEoin Finn is a yogi, surfer and blissologist who recently moved to Santa Cruz, CA. A philosophy graduate, he has been deepening his understanding of Yoga + Eastern Philosophy since 1989. In 1999 Eoin founded a yoga system called Blissology and has been teaching this unique, transformative, alignment based yoga all over the world. An ocean-activist, he started the “Blissology EcoKarma project” in 2014 raising aid and awareness through yoga and activism for the world’s precious but imperiled coral reefs.

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