Exercise and Motherhood, with Eva Dvorackova

Eva Dvorackova is a fitness instructor and brand ambassador, based in Dubai, with a growing social media following in English and Polish. She recently gave birth to twins and has resumed her work as an instructor. We asked her to share a bit about her journey and advice to others.

Parvati Magazine: Fitness has been a passion for you. When did you know it had to be your profession too?

Eva Dvorackova: I first started to train as a teenager. This passion never left me. With only two breaks I kept training until now. I used to be a model and when I came to a point where this job was not satisfying to me anymore, becoming a fitness trainer was just a natural choice. I could not imagine anything else I would love to do. I love changing people’s lives for the better. I love to bring positivity and happiness to someone who is desperate. I love to see the changes not only in their bodies but most importantly in their minds.

PMAG: I understand you live with insulin resistance. How does that affect your work?

ED: Insulin resistance was definitely one of the toughest things I had to deal with. It affected my life, it affected my work too. One of the symptoms of insulin resistance, but not the only one, is that it is very hard to control or manage weight gain. As you can imagine, this is something very bad when you are a fitness trainer. It makes you look incompetent. People don’t know you are sick and you can’t go walking around explaining. People expect fitness trainers to look fit, and I can understand why. Thankfully I managed to get this under control.

PMAG: You just gave birth to twins in the past year, but you have been rebuilding your fitness amid it all. What are the most important things for any new mom to consider when it comes to nurturing babies and nurturing their own health?

ED: First of all they should aim and try to take the best care of their health and themselves they can before they even get pregnant and then during their pregnancy. Everything they invested in their body, whether it is the time or the effort, the body will later give back to them. Once the baby is born every woman wants to get back in shape. It is far easier if she was active and mindful when it comes to eating while she was pregnant and before. When getting back to shape I advise to all the new mothers to eat as healthy and balanced meals as they can. It means eat plenty of fresh unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables, lean meat and a lot of fish and healthy carbs. Be realistic, don’t expect miracles overnight. The body was changing for nine months and just did the biggest job ever – gave new life. It needs and deserves time to heal and recover. It deserves the best food and plenty of rest, which can be difficult with a new baby in the house. That is why I don’t think women should be hard on themselves. But eating healthy and good does not mean eating too much. It is good to keep the portions under control.

PMAG: What exercises are good to start out with for someone coming back from a period of not exercising, whether due to illness, pregnancy or just not getting to the gym?

ED: After a period of not training it is good to start slowly and don’t over do it. This is very common. People get back full of enthusiasm and motivation and start training on 100% intensity right away. Often the enthusiasm and motivation does not last, they get tired and overtrained and quit. It is good to take it step by step and always leave room for adding more and more. I would suggest to start with full body training at first. What exactly to do really depends on what they did before and what are their goals.


eva D bioEva Dvorackova is a fitness instructor and model with an international following, and brand ambassador for TIMA and Holland & Barrett, as well as being the mother of twins.

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Image credit: Alexandra Photography and Eva Dvorackova