Bella Cuore Organic Beauty, with Sarah Langan

Parvati Magazine spoke with Sarah Langan, the founder of Bella Cuore Organic Beauty.

Parvati Magazine: What inspired you to start Bella Cuore and sell only organic and natural products?

Sarah Langan: During college I was under a lot of stress and this pushed me to learn more about my diet. So I started to learn about what I was putting in my body and how it affected me. I realized how imperative it was for me to start eating right and also to exercise. So I really paid attention to labels & ingredients in my food and I went all-organic with my diet! This began to transform my energy, overall health and my life in general! Then I began to think about my hair, skincare and makeup products that I was using all the time and I realized I was taking in toxins for most of my life, not only by the foods I was eating but also with my beauty products. I was terrified when I read so many stories about the effects of these products in people’s lives. So being that I was about to graduate college with an Art degree, and that I had been in the beauty industry almost my entire life, I decided to open Bella Cuore Organic Beauty!

PMAG: How do you go about finding top quality products for your customers?

SL: When you shop at Bella Cuore Organic Beauty you can rest in knowing that we have done all the hard work for you. We research each and every skincare, body care & makeup brand from all over the U.S. and some fair-trade brands from overseas. We make sure they are all non-toxic, and free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, chemicals, phthalates, formaldehyde and other toxins that are found in your everyday skincare and cosmetics. We try to provide you with the best organic and natural brands that the beauty industry has to offer.

PMAG: This store is relatively new and unique in Rochester, Michigan. How has your local community responded to Bella Cuore?

SL: We’ve been in Rochester for almost four years now, moving once into our newest location on Main Street. We started off with our first location as a private facial studio with a small organic store that ended up taking over so rapidly that we had to move locations and open up the location we have today. The word has spread rapidly and we are meeting new locals every day that are desperate to find a store like ours. Our customers love that they don’t have to blindly guess what color or product will work for their skin type anymore. They love having the choice to come into our store to play with our tester displays and to have one of our green beauty experts available to guide them with any questions they have. We are so excited for the future!

Did you decide to sell from an online storefront right away, or did you start with the in-person store in Rochester and then expand to online?

SL: We have always had an online store from the beginning of opening our first location. We always knew that having both a storefront and an online presence was important to us and to our customers. We offer rewards for every dollar spent both online and in store. We also have in-store pickup available for locals and free shipping with samples nationwide.

You sell a wide variety of products. What are “must haves” in one’s beauty regimen with the warmer season upon us?

SL: That’s a great question! Our customers absolutely love Eco Tan! That is a must have as most of us love being tan in the summer, but without the cancerous rays! Eco Tan’s Face Tan Water is a must have along with the full body self tanner Invisible skin. As far as makeup must haves, RMS Beauty’s Coconut oil based Master Mixer gives you a beautiful rose gold glow on your cheek bones and then add a Lip Shine to your lip in the color “Honest” or “Bloom”. Another summer must have is sun protection! We recommend our Suntegrity line. This has been a big hit since the spring. Our customers love the Lip C.P.R lipsticks with SPF 30 or any of the 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face sunscreen. This is great if you need a little makeup coverage on your face while on vacation and sun protection at the same time! We have so many products but these are a great start to get you feeling and looking amazing this summer!

Sarah Langan headshotSarah Langan is the owner/founder of Bella Cuore Organic Beauty. “From the moment my mother introduced makeup and skincare to me at a very young age I became fascinated. As I grew in knowledge from schooling and experience in the beauty industry I realized quickly that I could not use and promote products that I did not believe in. Upon graduating with my bachelors in art & design I decided I would mix my design skills with my passion for the beauty industry! That’s when I dreamed up the concept of a place anyone could trust to always find the best-of the-best in non-toxic, all organic beauty products & services!”

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