Silky Vietnam

Image credit: Silky Vietnam

If you’re tired of yoga clothes made from polyester but want an option that doesn’t look crunchy granola, check out Hanoi-based Silky Vietnam. One of the leading ethical fashion brands in Vietnam, Silky recently announced the launch of their first yoga clothing line, Silky 2.0, made with 100% organic silk and plant-based dyes. The new collection was created specifically for women who have a strong belief in connecting their body to their soul in the practice of yoga.

“Made of 100% organic silk – nature’s luxurious gift with a touch of the most prominent Parisian designers – and authentically dyed with advanced technology, Silky embraces every inch of the body while allowing stretches to one’s full potential,” says co-founder and marketing head Chi Lan. “Indeed, while stretching or bending, the silk thread supports the hydrogen bonding, which reinforces each other against outside forces, giving silk extensibility and strength. Moreover, Silky’s special threading technique further brings the stretchability and durability of silk to a whole new level. If you are either a yogi or a fashionista, then Silky 2.0 may be the perfect product designed just for you.”

Silky Vietnam is a startup with four co-founders, led by Diep Anh Pham. Passionate about silk, she dreams of “bringing Vietnam silk back to its golden age and to make its name shine in the global market”. Her father suffered from exposure to toxic chemicals in the Vietnam war, and she feels haunted by “how these chemicals can destroy a person”. For this reason she is driven to make her silk organic and natural.

Designed in Paris by artist Truong Tan Tan, and hand-tailored and embroidered by La Hang Ao Dai Art house team, Silky’s clothes aren’t the sort of thing you’ll find at a Nike or Lululemon store. They have soft, drapey, elegant lines, designed to look good on the street as well as in the yoga studio. Their colors are gentle and muted, dyed with avocado pits, green tea or coffee beans. A recent Facebook post by Silky notes, “Tight pants, crop tops, neon colors, fitted tanks — that’s the uniform we tend to assume we need if we want to hit the mat. But that modern vision is, unsurprisingly, far from the Indian tradition yoga is rooted in. Materials that are tight fitting and compress the body are not right for a practice that is centered around breath.”

It’s also important to consider the vibration of the clothes you wear while you’re doing a spiritual practice such as yogasana, which is designed to help you purify your physical body. With time, you may become aware that synthetic clothes can feel agitating while natural fibers like silk feel more grounding and protective.

Silky Vietnam takes advantages of some of the natural characteristics of silk protein: antibacterial, antifungal and anti-UV, breathable for sensitive skin, and odor-free. The garments are lightweight and breathable, easier to wash and dry quickly. Surprisingly, their prices are quite reasonable for organic silk: the average price point ranges from $55 to $105 per piece with no luxury markup. And if you back their current Kickstarter campaign, you can get the product at a discount and a number of gifts.

by Parvati Magazine staff